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hamoedi123;2263983 said:
and dutch commentary plz???:amika: :amika: :amika:

Go to
They currently have:

- Dutch
- Extended German
- French
- Portuguese-Brazilian
- Russian
- Spanish
- Czech

More commentaries:

- Italian (posted by

- Mexican (posted by Elite Waxo)
PART 1:;5992238;;/fileinfo.html
PART 2:;5994030;;/fileinfo.html

- English (posted by themaster..)

- Portuguese Standard (posted by me :mexican: );6152842;;/fileinfo.html

Keep them coming! (H)


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Can anyone confirm or deny there is a Turkish commentary for Fifa07? Oh and I'm also looking for the Japanese and Korean ones :)


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I have no problems getting the commentaries to work when switching languages via the locale.ini file. However, renaming the ita files as eng files does not allow me to hear Italian commentary. Instead, there is silence.

Am I doing something wrong? I read every post in this thread. All I want to do is play with English menus but Italian commentary, especially because each language uses its own profile.


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Evan111;2361656 said:
Firstly, I don't want people thinking I'm rushing for an answer and didn't do my research.
I have an English PC version of Fifa 07. I want ENGLISH menues but Spanish Commentary.
I have searched and read every thread/post that even has the word "commentary" in it, especially the "commentary (links all)" thread by frenkie. I tried not only this site but fifaportugal and bunch of others, as well. Secondally, I'm not computer illiterate, in fact I've been able to import many of the patches, faces and camera settings and etc. in my Fifa 07 PC game & make webpages and c++ programs in my spare time.
FOR SOME REASON, I AM COMPLETELY UNABLE TO PERFORM THIS OPERATION. This is the only process posted on this site that I am unsucessful in completing. Again, I have a good foundation in computers and have read all the threads/posts and I'm sure I have all the files needed. (dat_spa.big, spa.db, locale.ini, audio.big) PICTURE BELOW. I've tried it all. (Sound Master, File Master, Creation Center, Renaming, Copying, locale.ini, NO RESULTS. I am only able to get Spanish Commentary w/ Spanish menues VIA changing the locale.ini file.

Please, came someone find it in their heart to bless not just me but everyone w/ this problem, with a detailed step-by-step video (youtube, zshare) or screenshot tutorial (w/text) or simply detailed text, to successfully change just the commentary and not the menues. Please deliver me, I've been trying to resolve this problem for 8 days now. If you check the "commentary (links all) thread by frenkie, after 11 pages, people are still having problems changing just commentary and not the menues. Obviously, it's not just me.

All Editors and Members, if you have the answer, please help me and the rest of the fifa community.
Thanks in Advance.

1 - Extract the files from the audio.big of your data\audio folder with for example biggui :

rebuild after extraction

And put them in an other folder for example (Data\audio\TEMP) if you want to play later with an english commentary

2 - put the dat_eng.big in this temp folder

3 - From your spanish folder now
rename the file in (->>):
hdr_spa.big ->> hdr_eng.big
mix_practic_spa.ini ->> mix_practic_eng.ini
mix_smlfull_spa.ini ->> mix_smlfull_eng.ini
mix_lrgfull_spa.ini ->> mix_lrgfull_eng.ini
mix_smlpart_spa.ini ->> mix_smlpart_eng.ini
mix_lrgpart_spa.ini ->> mix_lrgpart_eng.ini
pbp_spa.evt ->> pbp_eng.evt

4 - Import the files freshly renamed (step. 3) in the files audio.big with biggui and rebuild

5 - Move the files dat_spa.big in the data\audio folder and rename it to dat_eng.big

Tell me by PM if the method doesn't work (for me it have worked!!!)