CM4 SG United link and results (SCREENIES!!)


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Yes, but I'm waiting at least for EP2, which is supposed to be the final patch.

Not completely sure about the format either. We could do it from the last version, as the game is very similar. There are quite a few new members in the forum now though, so they would be out of the team...
It might be better to start all over again, but older members might get to find it a bit boring, having to fill out new forms every years...


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yeah. I think we should just make a post (older members that we are in the team) to say "Ok I'm in" but with the same stats, and new members do everything like we did last "year". Wouldnt mind doiing it all from the begining, altho it's a bit borring TBH


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wait for the sign-up thread, i was really unlucky not to sign up, bought the game [cm4] last january, played it in september


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it'll take some work, all id want changing from mine is my age increased by one. Realism you know. lol