CM4 and 03/04 Screenshot Showoff


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Originally posted by Grunger
The team is back on track again. We're leading the championship with a 8 point advantage. Shame that we have about 20 games or so, as the Brazilian championship has 46 games overall, gotta love it.(H)

Well, I gotta start a game with Botafogo...


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Beating Boca 3-2 at La Bombonera and 1-0 at Brinco de Ouro at the semis, and River 2-1 at Monumental followed by a draw at Brinco, saw us winning the Copa Sudamericana. I also won the First Division title. Damn right i need a statue.(H)


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Originally posted by Zlatan
My leicester squad is doing unexpectedly well!

1000th post :Carlos*o: :junior:

what kinda tactics do u use m8?

and damn my puter crashed as i was back in the prem and doing fairly well being 3rd in january still :(


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Nothing special, just 4-1-2-1-2 with wingers pointing from MR to AMR and from ML to AML.

BTW I know how it feels to lose a game like that. I had it with Auxerre too


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Originally posted by castelen
nice one m8

Thanks.:) The new season will start in a few days on the game, i'm curious to see how the team will do in Libertadores. Getting past the group stage is my goal atm. Signed Toledo for a big 1.5 million pounds (Catanzaro wouldnt sell him for less) and got a DMC called Sidney on a free. Has nice stats and is only 27, i was using Marcão who is class but will turn 33.

I'm looking for cheap defenders now, under 1 million pounds, someone similar to De La Cuesta. Any tips ppl?


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I decided to stop playing my Leicester game for a minute and restarted my glorious game with Roma.

Here we crushed Vasco in the inter-continental cup!


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He's one of the few -2 potential players. But he only appears in large database games. He's a complete random, apart from 35 current and -2 potential ability. He's usually very usefull.


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Oh my Nurnberg

I'm playing as Nurnberg in the German Second Division, and after a well played First Round in the German Cup I was drawn against Kaiserslautern ( :( ). Here's how close I came, with like 15 shots on goal too :( :( :



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******* awful performance on the pens rob, and also:

GOOD GOD MAN, how was this not in the screenshot showoff thread :p :p :p



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SORRY, Jesus, Don't ban M---- Wait a second. Your not a mod anymore! HAHAHA.

Anyway, yeah, the first 3 had penalty taking of around 16 :( still missed though. I'm so angry! Now they have gone into the semi finals, (3rd Round vs. Greurer Furth, 2nd division team, 4:1 - Quarter final vs. some 2nd division team, 4:1). I got have been there :(