CM15 and Other Tools


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Hi guys, this thread is just to let you know that I started to work to the version of my tools for FIFA 15. First I modified File Master in order to edit files larger than 1 GB like data_graphic2_extra.big. I will release it quickly.
Now I'm working at CM15 and I would like to keep it compatible with FIFA 14 so it will be easy to migrate from one game to the other, but I am not sure that it is feasible.
Do not expect me to be very active in the forum, I apologize if I do not reply but you should already know me a little bit :mambo:.
btw: a special thanks to Ariel Sanatrelli that sent me the database so I was able to start to work. Another point is that I do not know how to decompress EASF files, if anybody in the Community knows how to do it and wants to share this information please contact me with a private message. Anyway this will not stop the development of CM 15.
I will keep you informed.

PS I receive some requests from "aspirant" developers: I want to encourage them, I allow to anybody to use my FifaLibrary for developing his own tool, what I cannot do is to provide documentation but using a tool like "reflector" you can get a full view of the source code as it is not obfuscated.


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Excellent, wait anxiously all your tools to edit Fifa 15.
Thank you very much for your time and for sharing their programs.


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Sweet, hopefully CM will create the 2 new tables "defaultteamdata" and "default_teamsheets", seems to be a combination of data from different tables.


Youth Team
Great news! Will CM15 be .net 4.5 compatible please? I have Windows 8.1 which comes pre-installed with .net 4.5 and it's not possible to install .net 4.0 so CM14 refuses to run unfortunately :(