[CM03/04] Dream Team


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Ok guys.

Here is the scenario, you have 40million pounds to buy any 11players you want.

With a basic 4-4-2 plus the GK who would you buy? And why would also be good. :)


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GK: Kasper Schmeichel, the one young GK that ALWAYS becomes a brilliant GK £290k

DR: Simon Francis, the cheap version of Daniele Bonera £420k
DC: Tom Huddlestone, simply class £440k
DC: James McEveley, a little expensive, but you get your money's worth £4.5M
DL: José Julián de la Cuesta, y'all know him £300k

MR: Toledo, ditto £290k
(D)MC: Fredy William Thompson, the wonder from Guatemala £300-500k
(A)MC: Bastian Schweinsteiger, because he's great, and not too expensive £3.7M
ML: Daniel Braathen, heh £70-400k

FC: Rudy Carlier, :p £570k
FC: Alessio Cerci £700k

Total: £12.11M
And you could easily replace McEveley and Schweinsteiger with cheaper players of the same quality, but I like them too much, from CM4 and real life, to leave them out.

This squad is a bit young, but they can challenge for the championship, if they have good subs (£28M should see for some good ones ;))


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Quite simple:

GK: either Kasper Schmeichel or Petr Cech: well let's say Cech -> 5m
DR: Hatem Trabelsi -> Free
DL: Trond Erik Bertelsen, Zonneveld hasn't convinced me(yet), Bertje was very good so Bertelsen it is -> 250K
DC: Phillipe Mexes -> 3,2 m
DC: Jose Julian de la Cuesta -> 750K

MR: Toledo -> 250K
DMC: Fredy William Thompson(or is it Thomson?? :confused: ) ->500K
AMC: Patricio Perez, great passing and dribbling, the creative mind of a team -> 2,5M
ML: Jan Kristiansen -> 1,5M

FC: Maxim Tsigalko -> 550K
FC: Djibril Cisse -> 13M

a total spend of 27,5 million

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GK: Kasper Schmeichel. £250k. Best goalkeeper in the game after a couple of seasons

DR: Hjalmur Dor Hjalmsson. Free. Very good attacking full back.
DC: Matthew Kilgallon. £550k. Very strong centre-back.Very good after a season or two.
DC: Phillipe Mexes. £3.2m. Very strong, young centre-back.
DL: Olivier Bernard. £5m. Very pacey attacking full back.

MR: Jermaine Pennant. £2.6m. One of the best in the game after a couple of seasons.
MC: Oskitz Estefania. £950k. Very good attacking mid. Strong after 2 seasons.
MC: Jermaine Jenas. £8m. One of the best for his position, in my opinion.
ML: Jussi Pekka Savolainen. £14k. Very good, young winger. Amazing for the amount you pay for him.

FC: Carlos Tevez. £8m. One of the best in the game. Constant goal machine
FC: Micheal Chopra. £8m. Very Quick. Is a great finisher. Scores frequently.
hey, this doesnt have to do with the dream team, but i dont want to make a new thread. I bought Kasper Schmeichel for 300k ., it is now 2005 and i have sent him on loan. At Real Madrid, Casillas and Lobont are fighting for the number 1 spot, should i make the jump and start to give him a ton of time in 2006?

btw, if you have 12 mill buy Akin Serhat from Fenerbache. I got him as soon as the game started, first season he was more or less a backup, second season he started to get better but still had nothing on Raul, now in my third season(2005), he is a god, and he is still very young, 15 goals in 12 games, and he is now worth.............45 mill!!

A very good buy if you want to invest.


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GK: Petr Cech. Where Schmeichel makes often an error, he never makes one. He can be used from the start too.

DR: Bonera. Simply amazing
DL: Zonneveld, lots of assists.
DC: Burdisso
DC: Hofland

DMC: Fredy William Thompson, simple, always 8+
MR: Aaron Lennon
ML: Jan Kristiansen
AMC: Toledo (performed better for me in the centre)

SC: Maxim Tsigalko
SC: Alessio Cerci


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GK: Isaksson

DR: Guarín
DC: Boumsong, Mexès or Bonera
DC: Boumsong, Mexès or Bonera
DL: de la Cuesta

DM: Thompson
MR: Le Tallec
MC: Braathen
ML: Lennon

SC: Tsigalko
SC: Cerci or Roncatto

Isaksson, Mexès and Thompson you can get from release clauses.
Guarín, Lennon, Cerci and Roncatto have unprotected contracts in the begining.
You can sign Boumsong and Bonera in the 2nd season for free.
Le Tallec, Braathen, de la Cuesta and Tsigalko you have to buy, but they are cheap ;)


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Strange everyone sets de la Cuesta on DL he's much better in centre cause he's good in Tackling, Marking and Heading. That are really stats for a central defender, IMHO


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My team wud be only young players. I only buy young players anyway, so...
           Carlier  Papa Waigo (I dont put tsigalko in just for phun)  

Svendsen   S.Mauri   Thompson  xxxxxxx 

N.Barnet   M.Dawson  xxxxxx   S.Francis   

               Kasper Schmchel


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GK - Petr Cech
DR - Bonera (free)
DL - Zonneveld
DC - De La Cuesta
DC - Dawson
MR - Toledo
ML - Kristiansen
MC - Braathen
DMC - Oliseh (free)
FC - Cerci
FC - Kakalov (LEGEND!)


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the best cheap team

gk- isaksson & paul robinson (exp.)
dl-julian de la cuesta,maxwell
dc- philippe mexes(exp.)
dc-coloccini, burdisso(exp)
dr-fatih sonkaya, maicon(exp.), bonera, trabelsi
ml- toledo can play,braathen
amc-jan kristiansen,morten gamst pedersen, montolivo
dmc-fredy william thompson, diogo,
mr-toledo,okan koc(exp.) ,mariano gonzalez(exp.)
fl-evandro roncatto, carlos daniel hidalgo, bojinov(exp.), olic (exp.)
fr-cerci, aghahowa(exp.), todorov, alejandro dominguez,

*(exp.): expensive


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im confused as to why i never posted in this thread... but anyway:

GK: Isaksson (the best after a few seasons, Kasper is just too young (H) )

DR: Bonera (free after first season)
DL: Fabio Aurellio (just an all-rounded LB who i had on every game)
DC: Burdisso (best defender on the game)
DC: Huddlestone (Spot on from Ruud, amazing after a few seasons)

MR: Le Tallec (bit slow but boy was he godlike)
ML: Braathen/Castillo (everyone bums Braathen so i put Neri Castillo in aswell, top winger)
DMC: Fredy William Thompson (or Kaluzny, for a laugh (H) )
AMC: Aimar (what a god)

FC: Maxim (you're simply the best! bam bam bam bam, better than all the rest)
FC: Wasnt Kluivert still STUPIDLY good on this game? probably him.


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Not everyone can score a CL winning goal at 18, be topscorer of an EC and be topscorer of his nation. He was certainly not the best striker but surely one of the best at some point in his career.

Though not everyone can drive 120 KpH through the narrow streets of the centre of Amsterdam aswell, I know.