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The Beautiful Game is Back!
by Chris Glover - 04/11/2005

Eidos Interactive, one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announces that Championship Manager 2006 will be released in the UK in Spring 2006 on PC.

Developed by London based Beautiful Game Studios (BGS), the all-new 2006 version offers a wide range of innovative new features and is the most realistic version to date, offering the player a true taste of football management.

Championship Manager 2006 boasts a brand new Gameplan™ 3D match engine, where players can watch their match unfold in the same way they watch the match on TV – but with the ability to adjust tactics, player positions or formations – or simply use the Highlight Filter to select the moments they want to watch.

Interact with your squad as you speak with your players for the first time: make promises to individual players to improve their mood or form. But as in real life, if promises are broken, trust is lost and there are consequences – with the new player status screen, monitor the mood and form of every player.

Championship Manager 2006 now offers the ability to scout in depth with its new ‘Simulate world’ option. For the first time, users will be able to view authentic player’s performance stats outside the nation managed, all with no noticeable speed reduction! Scouting will never be the same again.

Implemented in Championship Manager 2006 are accurate fitness regimes devised by Mervyn Day, first team coach at Charlton Athletic. Study your opposition’s current form through parallel match processing. Watch their previous matches through the Gameplan™ 3D engine, before you face them whilst the game progresses.

Or choose a wealthy Club Benefactor for an instant cash injection, but with more money comes more demands and a greater need for immediate success.

Championship Manager 2006 allows you to manage your club to glory, dealing with everything from tactics and training to transfers - everything you would expect a real-life football manager to do without owning a sheepskin coat.

Sounds like they're making the one big mistake: A 3D engine with TV viewpoint. (N)(N)(N)


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Its stupid you cant see the whole field (N)

I think it's a good idea the went 3d though, it couldnt get any worse, so trying something innovative like this can be a hit or miss. But without an innovation like this it wouldnt even be sold much anyway.


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sounds like an EA-like mistake to me (H)

Ah, all the best to them, it'd be good if we had two good management games.


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bloody hell Alex, more interesting news than this is your profile; new username, new custom title (Bleach), new fancy avatar (that i have no idea what it is), new location.. wait... same location i think. New sig AND you've even editied the cm old skoolers pic appropiatly... i think someone has too much time on their hands :D


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Well i do have plenty of time, and proly will continue to have for the next 3 months. And the sig came only because i was playing with photoshop all night yesterday :ewan:
And i told you already that the name was never meant to be mixaf. It was like that coz i got user name and display wrong the day i registered and i finaly decided to set things rite.


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I just hope they have, well atleast some, bugs fixed.
If they would, it would be atleast twice as good as CM 5.


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taken from Gamespot:

"Euro gamers can once more finagle with their favourite footie franchise's financials next spring.
Eidos today announced that the latest in its long-running Championship Manager soccer sim series is set for a spring 2006 release on the PC in the UK.

Developed by Beautiful Game Studios, Championship Manager 2006 will feature a new 3D match engine that lets players watch simulated games unfold as they would a televised match, individual relationships with the players, and more. It also introduces new international scouting functions, accurate fitness regimes, and the ability to scout an opposing team by watching tape of its previous games.

The Championship Manager series of European-release PC soccer management sims used to be synonymous with developer Sports Interactive. Two years ago, following the release of the critically adored Championship Manager 4, Eidos and Sports Interactive announced that they would go their separate ways after one last game: Championship Manager: Season 03/04. The publisher kept the rights to the Championship Manager name, while the developer took the game's source code and database and struck off on its own.

Since the split, Eidos tapped Beautiful Game to develop the Championship Manager franchise, while Sports Interactive has been busy with its spiritual successor, Football Manager (aka Worldwide Soccer Manager)."


critically adored CM4?...........................................


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surely instead of including "adored" then, it should have said CM0304 was adored, cos that was a ******* good game.


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ah it could look worse, if it doesnt get the un-godly slowdown its getting on my PC then it should be fine, personally i think its a nice touch.

edit - of course the game will still be ****.


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The engine itself looks ok, but the 3d engine hardly adds anything, and prevents you from seeing that other end of the field. Maybe they will add a zoom function so you can choose to see the entire pitch.


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nah i think it will be fine, it just builds on their silly 2.5d thing last year, its much better


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the match engine looks fine but i wonder how it will look like when the action like heading, slide tackle, goal keeping stun save :D

btw, i think the fellow in the clip didn't offside? :confused:


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Well considering the fun I'm having with Football Manag-(ahem) Worldwide Soccer Manager I'm not sure that I'm going to be playing the virtual Subbuteo that is CM this time around.

The scouting feature does look interesting though, and I hope that CM and FIFA Manager can convince Sports Interactive to find ways to further improve their game. Player interaction, anybody?