[CM 03/04] Fabricio Collocini

Nikos Mihalakos

Reserve Team
well my cousin bought cm 03/04 from Greece and he sent it tome, i just started my first game with olympiakos, my first season is over and milan has realesed argentian defender Fabricio Collocini, in my milan game in cm 4 he was a wonderkid, is he good in cm 03/04? please let me know as soon as possible


Reserve Team
Yes he is good, not as good but hes better than Average, BTW This should be in the Player Forum....:o


French Touch
Yeah, in my game he's crap. Good statistics, young, a lot of qualities, but when you put him on your team, he's terrible.


Youth Team
He's poor in the game lah...

I also got him thru free transfer being a avid ARG fan...But he sucks in the central denfense letting strikers beat past him with ease..:f***: