Cm 01/02


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i know this is the forum for football manager 2007 but nobody looks in the CM older games forum plus i dont want to search for threads cause it will take ages!
whats the best formation to play on this game? i remember like WWW2 or something but i dont remember it properly! also what players?
i remember some ala tsigalko and to madeira and the debates on whether it was cheating cause he wasnt real etc! but who were the best?

merci bon talla


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I could be here all night, but lets not do that hahaha. Well the diablo was the best formation, essentially, any formation with an AMC and a DMC will win you many games.

But aye, we could be here all night.


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Wibble/wobble! :D :(

Dionis Chiotis
Taribo West
Cherno Samba
Isaac Okoronkwo
Mike Duff
David Prutton
Mark Kerr
Ricardo Quaresma
Sasa Ilic
Sergey Semak
Martin Eriksson
Le Tallec

as for tactics I think WWW1 and WW2 were the best.


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Dude, you shouldnt be losing (H)

Alex forgot Ronald Gomez, Michalis Konstantinou and Marat Izmailov.

Apart from that, ace list man :D


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i think the version i have has been updated or something cause robben is already at PSV kallstroms gone to djurgardens already and the players stats here just seem real low :(


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apparently i have to spread rep before giving any more out! :(

i decided to go with PSV, a nice easy game to get me back into it! i may post some shots regardless of this being way off topic and in the complete wrong forum, but i figure being me i can take liberties so meh! (H)


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sadly id forgotten how addictive this game is. yes, im in my 3rd season in like 2 days, got knocked out of the champions league last season by real madrid in the semis. here is my team (H):
Shot at 2007-08-09 as you can see ive been busy in the transfer market! sold van bommel for 32.5 to real and numerous other fodder who were previously in the team including kezman who is not a patch on hadzi, tsigalko and smith and even claimed he should be in the first team! the cheek (H)