CM 01/02 update problem


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I have tried to install update for CM0102 to be 0405,there is 3 files (CM0102_3968,CM_0102_UPDATE_MP_HELVETE & CMAGEEDITOR),when I install this there is a season 0203.Please tell me what is the problem or in which order to install files,thank you.I'm great fan of CM.


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A tip: Don't install updates.

For more info though try asking at the SI Community forums at


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I'm trying to install update on CM0102 to be season 0405,in the update I have 3 files:
1.CM0102_3968 this file change my version 3.9.60 to 3.9.68
2.CM_0102_update_mp_helvete 7th April 2005 based on Alex Sawczuk's September update
3.CM age editor(I don't know what is this),when I install this and run CM0102 there is a season 0203,why season 0405 is not there,what I'm doing wrong...if somebody knows something about this Help!