[CM 01/02] Lower League Legends


Youth Team
Dominic Studley (D,AML)- free
Paul Evans- only get few years out of him but scored a lot for me- free
Martins (SC)- must have for the lower league teams- free
Hugo Rodrigues (DC)- free
Paulinho (MC)- promising midfielder- free
Mark Tobin (D/DMC)- young defender- free
Frankie Larkin (SC)- good for lower league irish teams, dunno bout others- 20-30k
Mark Shirley (SC)- same as above- 15-20k
Keith Reid (MC)- promising midfielder- free
maarten atmodikoro-dc-free
grennady zubov-amr-free
landry zahana-oni- aml-free
liam lawrence-amr-about 30k from mansfield
dean shiels-fc-free
raul-fc-about 12k from yeclano
jaime victory-dl-about 230k from port vale
mike duff-dr-about 425k from colchester
craig faulconbridge-fc-about 200k from wrexham
chris holloway-mc-free
luis miguel-amr-free


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Makofo isn't very good in 03/04. Barely gets up to 2nd div standards in my games (:/) (Still good enough for third and conference then ;))


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On 2nd division he was tearing defenses apart for me at Rushden. And since it says Lower League legends, he's perfectly suited for Conference and 3rd division at least.


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Here's my list:

Fransesco Cardillo -> AMC -> 40k
Alex Ambrosini -> SC -> 17 years old: 18 finishing 14 dribbling! -> 20k
Marco Bellochi -> DR -> 50k
Valerio di Cesare -> DLC -> Free at the January transfer window
Rachid Belhillil -> DMC -> Free
Filippo Furiani -> D/DMC -> 100k
Dobri Mitov -> DC -> Free
Moké Diarra -> DMC -> plus-minus 150k


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Originally posted by PaPaGeorGeo
What position does he play in CM4 it was random wasnt it
Not on 03/04 though. I think he's a striker or something like that. I used him as a striker in my Rushden game, he was scoring at least one goal per match in the 2nd division. That with only 60 potential ability.(H)


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what a post. lmao

personally i would say Ronald Gomez

but Maxim Tsigalko, Dionisis Chiotis and Rad Kaluzny run it close in my opinion

others such as Liam will probably say Etherloporus and Nikiforenko

also Liam (Ebonix) will probably be slightly annoyed if someone says To Maderia, lol



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Originally posted by TROD
Liam (Ebonix) will probably be slightly annoyed if someone says To Maderia, lol

He IS the best player on 01/02 though. No matter how FAKE he is...

I don't like your new thread though... :kader: