club teams


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in the game can create star teams so i decided to create club teams. so far ive only made 1 team real madrid ;)
the roster is:
casillas, beckham, ronaldo, raul.

wut do u think? and u can also post rosters for club teams uve created


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It's hard using the players already on the game:

VFB Stuttgart maybe: Hilderbrand, Hinkel, Lahm, Kuranyi
Juventus: Buffon, Cannavaro, Zambrotta, Trezeguet
AC Milan: Dida, Nesta, Pirlo, Tomasson


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You can at least make some of Inter and Roma, minus the keepers:

Adriano, Martins, Vieri

Totti, Pannuci, Cassano

Plus you can make jerseys that look like club teams


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Why isnt,Sheva and Luis Garcia in the game?Or are they?Sorry i just got the game, havnt seen all the players yet!


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Poland aren't on the game so therefore Dudke isnt present, same with Shevchenko, Ukraine arent on the game. As for Luis Garcia hes only played like one game for Spain so that is why hes not there.