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D Tom

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cliffjumper;3909328 said:
I think a fix is in the pack of BlueStinger. So we need feedback to this pack :)
So his pack is a correction of yours? If so I will comb through them and provide you with updates that are needed... similar to the first one I did :)

D Tom

Youth Team
Sternberg - Eye shading

Naldo - Head skin color (Doesn't match arms and legs... not sure if the .lua will fix it)
Knoche - pixels in nose
Caligiuri - pixels in mouth when you rotate
Benaglio - pixels on mouth, hair outline too obvious
Max Arnold - hair ghosting on sides

Werner - mouth pixels and eye shading
Niedermeir - mouth pixels
Maxim - nose pixels
Langerak - hair doesn't not fit flushly
Kravets - Eyebrow region all sorts of messed up, eyebrows extend too far
Heise - two different skin tones on face, mouth pixel
Ginczek - mouth

Rausch - hair ghosting
Caldirola - hair texture and fitting (weird yellow on back hairline)

Weiser - head too small, mouth
Lustenberger - mouth pixels
Hegeler - left side of nose
Kurt - mouth pixels
Darida - mouth pixels
Brooks - slight mouth pixels

Schmeidbach - mouth pixels
Radlinger - mouth pixels
Prib - mouth

Spahic - face
Sakai - mouth pixels
Olic - huge pixel field in hair
Hunt - zombie colored face

Kachunga - perfect face, just see if you can make sideburns connect on the right side

Werner - mouth, skin texture
Baier - mouth pixels

Lindner - nose pixels
Huszti - mouth pixels
Chandler - mouth
Castaignos - hair exposed on right side, mouth pixels
Aigner - small patch of hair showing through on back of head

Traore - hair does not fit on back, skin color
Stindl - the whole face, hair
Hrgota - hair does not fit, can see previous hair on back of head at the base, skin color
Dahoud - skin color

Sarr - skin color

Wendell - face proportions
Tah - skin color, mouth pixels
Romalho - skin color, hair
Kruse - eyes not looking straight
Hilbert - hair floating beside him, mouth pixels
Brandt - hair doesn't fit to forehead

Zuber - hair on forehead, skin color
Uth - facial hair too dark and it travels behind ears
Polanski - mouth pixels, hair above ear
Elyounoussi - everything
Baumann - can see old hair

Malli - huge pixel field on right side of face
Clemens - mouth

Risse - texturing/shading around eyes, mouth, and lips
Modeste - hair and skin coloring
Hosiner - pixels all over face

Kempf - right ear isn't right

Dudziak - mouth pixels

So here is all the problems I could find. All the ones listed as "skin color" is without playing games so I do not know if the .lua will fix it or not. Sorry it is so long.


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cliffjumper;3911467 said:
Update/Addon Pack from BlueStinger now in first post for download.
Thank you for your help Blue.

hi..cliff..i have applied all your 3 conversion patches + fix.

now i want to apply addon pack.

do i need to download the complete pack by bluestinger first?

tks :)


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Stranzl's ears and Wendt's hair need an update. There is no hair file for Sabitzer and Baumgartlinger; no head file for Burgstaller and Boyd, otherwise it's decent pack.


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jeetmusic;3911471 said:
hi..cliff..i have applied all your 3 conversion patches + fix.

now i want to apply addon pack.

do i need to download the complete pack by bluestinger first?

tks :)

In BlueStingers Pack are some fixes. So if you download both packs of him you will have all faces. Updates will come if I have some time in future


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can you please convert this awesome Carlos*son martinez face from fifa 15?



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Already I'm in progress of the new players of Stuttgart (Zimmer, Terodde, Kaminsiki).

Does anyone have an good pic of Simon Terodde?


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Jemaa;3961868 said:
some player have only face texures, like Halil Altintop, and no head or hair model. Why?

maybe he just posted a texture update


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Sorry for the little break.
I had to work a lot and the winter break in football just ended - training started :)

I think today I will try fixing some bugs.
Yesterday I started to make some missing VfB faces and updated some others:
Kravets (not best pic)

Didavi updated hair:

Insua (bad pic - I will make new texture):

New Pack in first post. I have fixed a lot of bugs and added some new faces. Have fun!
master did you do sabitzer??