Classic XI Gold (need face makers!)


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Hi guys. I know it's kinda late to start a new project now but let's try to do it. :D

I was thinking about new Classic team with players that were REALLY the best, not some crappy that EA added.

This is list that i created. I think this list can be much better, so i need your suggestions for adding/removing players. Of course, only if one player gets about 3-4 votes, he will be added/removed...

[I](Legend - GREEN - [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Done[/COLOR], RED - [COLOR="Red"]Not done[/COLOR])[/I]

Oliver Kahn - [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Lev Yashin
Gordon Banks

Roberto Carlos [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Paolo Maldini
Nilton Santos
Franz Beckenbauer [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Daniel Passarella
Bobby Moore
Valery Voronin
Lillian Thuram

Bobby Charlton [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Michel Platini
Garrincha [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
George Best
Zinedine Zidane [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Johann Cruyff [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Alfredo di Stefano [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Maradona [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Stanley Matthews
Dragoslav Sekularac


Pele [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Eusebio [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Ronaldo [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Ferenz Puskas [COLOR="YellowGreen"]Stats, Ratings, Miniface,[/COLOR] [COLOR="Red"]Face[/COLOR]
Gerd Muller
Roberto Baggio
Dennis Bergkamp
Alan Shearer

As you can see, we need FACES. I know that some of you have already made some of these faces but somehow i can't find them, so if you can, please post them here and give me permission to use them. You will be credited, of course.

This would be the logo:

I also made the kits but i don't want to post them because i'm sure that somebody can make better ones :P

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance! :)


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Shearer is also in EA's Classic XI so i can just copy him then, as well as Hagi. Should i use EA's faces or someone will create them? :)

Btw, i found many classic faces for FIFA 11 but somehow converter in CM12 doesn't work... :\ Help?


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Hello mate,

I think this is a great idea.
I've made one my self for my personal use but, i couldn't get it right.

Just to help you i'll tell you this:

Players with hidden faces:
Oliver Kahn ID 488
Franz Beckenbauer ID 168473
Paolo Maldini ID 1109
Cafu ID 5003
Lillian Thuram ID 1615
Maradona ID 190042
Péle ID 190043
Ronaldo ID 37576

Faces I know that have been done and posted on the forum
Zidane and Batistuta for fifa12
Puskas, Yashine, Eusébio, Bobby Charlton, Cruiff, Gullit, Klisnmann, Muller and Rossi for fifa11.



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Thanks ALOT mate, i didn't know that there are hidden faces. I know that there are alot of classic faces for FIFA 11 but somehow i can't convert them to FIFA 12 :(
I can use textures but it's not right with appropriate 3d model.


So, now we have Oliver Kahn, Franz Beckenbauer, Paolo Maldini, Cafu, Lillian Thuram, Maradona, Péle and Ronaldo faces. Face makers, please make more! :)

I'll post some previews soon.