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Classic Teams Patch (WC 98, WC 02, WC 06, WC 10, EURO 00, EURO 04, EURO 08, EURO 12)


Senior Squad
I prefer good old faces from Fifa Online 3 version like Baggio, Rivaldo and Ronaldo.
These versions is very forgotten but is good quality in my opinion.
And Roberto Carlos from Fifa 11 original model and texture by Vadios look very realistic.



Senior Squad
Mexico 1998 faces

Campos Jorge
Hernández Luis
Blanco Cuauhtémoc
Pardo Pavel
Sánchez Oswaldo


Senior Squad
Claudio Reyna face upadate by Wujek

USA 1998 faces:

Brad Friedel (from tokke001 conversions, thanks tokke001)
Brian McBride (default EA face)
Claudio Reyna (update by Wujek)
Alexi Lalas (from World Cup 2010 patch by Skoczek, thanks Skoczek)


Senior Squad
Cameroon 1998 faces

Samuel Eto'o
Pierre Wome (texture from Fifa 10 converted by Wujek. I not remember author)
Joseph-Désiré Job
Rigobert Song (texture from Fifa 10 converted by Wujek. I not remember author)
Raymond Kalla (face by Wujek)


Senior Squad
Good work! :)

If u need a 3d render wich supports the 32bit hairmodels (faces by me, with the vertical hair beam)
Here it is:

It s best to load the hairmodel as last:
1. Load headmodel
2. Load hairmodel

Thank you very much, Master!
Your converter and other tools is masterpiece...
You and your work is very inspiration for me (Y)
I decided back to modding Fifa 11 ...after some 12 years :D


Senior Squad
Bulgaria 1998 faces

Hristo Stoichkov

I try today ask facemaker Plaster for some Bulgaria 1998 faces.
I remember his amazing Bulgarian legends faces for Fifa 14.


Senior Squad
Legendary World Cup 1998 Referee Pierluigi Collina.
I buyed this face from Telega12 some moths ago and now converted from Fifa 16 for Fifa 11.

Somebody have solution how we can add this real face for Referee in Fifa 11?



Senior Squad
Beta version of this project is coming.
Release probably end of next month or first decade March.

What's New?
- Added many real faces
- Updated some old low quality EA faces
- Changed ID many players - real commentary name for many players
- Added Poland 1998 team (not qualifed for WC 98)
- Added real face for Referee Colina


Senior Squad
Belgium 1998 faces

Filip de Wilde (converted from Fifa 14. Original Authors Wujek & GIGGIRIVA)
Marc Wilmots (converted from World Cup 2014 game)


Senior Squad
I converted Fabien Barthez face from Fifa 14 (PES conversion by ramzidz15)
In CM 11 looks very good, but in game this face is very deformed.
I not have idea how to fix it

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Senior Squad
I convert from FO4 young version of van der Sar face.
Thanks ysinbo (files exported)

van der Sar (Holland 1998)