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Classic Teams Patch (WC 98, WC 02, WC 06, EURO 04, EURO 08)


Senior Squad
Hello. I have thought about creating the Golden Era patch with the help of someone, the main objective of the patch will be to play in career mode with the stars who played since the 1999-2000 season. I don't know about creating patches but if you are interested in creating it I can collaborate. Other people can also join the project.

Thank you for your answer. This is really great idea.
But creation of this project is not possible. Too many work.
I'm too old for it. Not have time, motivation etc. Sorry.

I can give you my database when finish my Classic Teams Patch project.


Senior Squad
Classic Teams Patch project is not dead but creation is some slow.
I have lot of obligations in my "real" life.
And weather in Poland is very good. We have great sunny spring.

EURO 2004 Work in Progress - 10 Teams is ready

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Senior Squad
EURO 2004 ready in 95 %.
I need finish only Bulgaria Team

New faces:
Fyssas by Wujek
Kolinko by Wujek
Gusev by Wujek
Alenichev by Giggiriva & Wujek - new texture by Wujek
Ovchinnikov by Wujek
Bjelica Nenad by Wujek
Murat Yakin converted from Fifa 08 Console version by Wujek
Goumas by Wujek
Fernando Torres - I not remember author, all credits to him (Y)



Senior Squad
EURO 2004 is ready.

Classic National Teams Patch. Progress.
Whats news:

I have ready:
- World Cup 1998
- Euro 2004
- World Cup 2006
- Euro 2008
-Added many faces (Converted from others Fifa and created new faces)
- Real commentaryname for many players

-Added Euro 2008 stadiums by tokke001;
164 St. Jakob Park
165 Stade de Suisse
166 Stade de Genève
167 Letzigrund
168 Ernst-Happel-Stadion
169 Stadion Salzburg
170 Tivoli-Neu
171 Wörtherseestadion

Whats next:
-World Cup 2002 (Work in progress)
-Euro 2000
-New faces


Senior Squad
World Cup 2002. Work in progress.

I have ready Teams: Poland, France, Brazil and Germany.

New World Cup 2002 faces:

Kleberson face by EA, new texture by Wujek
Micoud face by Giggiriva, new texture by Wujek
Świerczewski face by Wujek
Majdan face by Wujek
Sibik face by Wujek
Arkadiusz Bąk face by Wujek for Fifa 14, converted for Fifa 11 by Wujek
Ronaldinho by Dmitri, converted for Fifa 11 by Wujek
Asamoah by EA, new face by Wujek (converted from old face)


Senior Squad
World Cup 2002 Progress. (7 teams ready)

New faces by Wujek
Ivica Mornar (Croatia 2004)
Angelo di Livio (Italy 2002) base on Giggiriva texture
Maciej Murawski (Poland 2002) beta version

Thanks tokke001 - South Korea 2002 faces for ALL PLAYERS of this team.
From Fifa Online files exported by tokke001


Senior Squad
Spain 2002 and Portugal 2002 are ready.

New faces by Wujek:

Curro Torres converted by Wujek from Classic Patch 14 by Giggiriva.
I decided give him new texture.

Maciej Murawski (new version of face texture from yesterday)