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Classic Teams Patch (FIFA 07) - "La Vinotinto"


Club Supporter

This patch contains the Venezuelan National Team (a.k.a. "La Vinotinto") history since 1965 to current (version 3.0)

It includes:
a) The following venezuelan national teams
1965 (1966 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1967 (Copa América)
1969 (1970 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1975 (Copa América)
1977 (1978 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1979 (Copa América)
1981 (1982 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1983 (Copa América)
1985 (1986 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1987 (Copa América)
1989 (Copa América & 1990 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1991 (Copa América)
1993 (Copa América & 1994 WC CONMEBOL Qualifiers)
1995 (Copa América)
1997 (Copa América)
1999 (Copa América)
2001 (Copa América)
2004 (Copa América)
2007 (Copa América)
2011 (Copa América)
2015 (Copa América)
2016 (Copa América Centenario)
2019 (Copa América)
2021 (Copa América)
Venezuela National Team (for International)

b) Kits, Minikits and Jersey Fonts by ROSANLAB

c) 181 Faces and Minifaces (Credits by ROSANLAB, JohanBlanco, Alejandro Silva, Salteño, et cetera)

d) 5 venezuelan Stadiums

e) Current Venezuelan Referee called Jesús Valenzuela

TO INSTALL using CreationMaster 07

LINK: Classic Teams: La Vinotinto by ROSANLAB