Classic Patch


Youth Team
Lol, are you serious?I'm alone on this project you don't imagine what work is it...I've send a lot of messages to people but I don't have answer.


Youth Team
My lack of faith??? In the first post I said that I make a PERSONNAL patch, If I share my work it's because some people are interested but I have no obligation to release it!


Reserve Team
come on,some one try to help him to finish,this patch is very important and i dont know how to edit db... someone have faces but they dont wanna share,thats all,so sad


Youth Team
Thank you for sharing man, I need Letchkov, sukur, sagnol faces. I had the rest. Thank you so much... If you need anything tell me.


Youth Team
mamounet3105;3439551 said:
I don't know man, it's a long work...

I know your straits, it 's so hard to make those staff perfect in game.

how about just make one tournament like france98 or euro2000 as Version One,optimize step by step。

I had make RealMadrid0304 and Milan0203(half work)in my CFEP PATCH
My Idea is add those team to the NT league Group (id78), then don't affect your Career.

here some pic

it's my classic player face collection quote that posted in another thread.