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guess you didn't like my idea then ;) nice fronts mate, although those big ass tits on you nike design don't look to good, hehe


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Great Kits!!!..

Originally posted by chrissyd
Real Madrid Home Front

Nice Real Madrid kit man, but I have some observations about home kit, for example in the mesh you could fix it because in the game U could see a lot of big black points, and the some zones of the kit is too dark with a little impression of weat!!!!.....

P.D. Sorry for my bad English and check this LOSER's mesh example!!!..


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Hi, can you post your texteture of kit real madrid and milan, the texture is excelent!!.

pd. sorry for my very bad english


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For Runar



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:confused: Hey really nice ur work over the textures, chrissy... :rockman:

Please... make me this kit... sweden centenary kit...

here some replies..

and the logo of the federation

without more... i m waiting for the kits... the short is of the same colour of the t-shirt... with the logo of umbro and of the federation.

Thnx 4 all...


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@ ralta: of course man.. if u want to help me in that... better 4 my... please... give me the page of ur kits threat.. :p

bye... :)

sorry 4 dont answer at good time i was busy at these times :mrpimp: