chris works 22


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Thanks, for your work ! like alaways ! I'm Beto Marcico, there are a long time I make logo and others for fifa.
I'have just get Fifa 22 now, it's a come back :ewan:
WOW my friend beto alias stopyra ,we were together in fifafrance team,I contact you by private message
I really happy,go for the new adventure?


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thanks my friend ,I think I'm going to make a private discord and invite my friends. The forums have become ghost forums and there is no longer any mutual aid so there's no point in wasting time here anymore
Yeah, well, if it were a phone app, with notifications, like discord, twitter, patreon, and so on, it whould be cooler...


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Hi the fifafrance team is rebuilding. we want to expand the team to 5 people if you are motivated have free time, have knowledge in db, graphics or other contact me by mp on my discord lazy abstain


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manager difficult to be fired alpha version
Sans titre.png

example here 29 and i continue with identical team next season


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Hey bro. I'm trying to set up Dortmund Tifo. But I didn't know how? I tried to replace the old tifo with the new tifo that you made, but it doesn't show up in the match :( Please help


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