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Hello man! I wanted to ask if you would have the alternate aston villa goalkeeper kit, specifically the green kit please!
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shadow 79

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FC Union Berlin keepers
Thnxs to @robmar85 por Condivo template

Good evening my friend FC Union Berlin home gk short file is not coming out, can you check it, thanks in advance


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Yes man, i love your work and every day i try to improved in my own work, but my time it´s limited and for me it´s just an a hobbie, i do it just for my kid and his fifa game ultra modified.
I do many kits but mostly of them are made from other kitmakers´s work, and i do not post them, i do it just for by myself.... I´m just a copymaker ¡¡ lol

I don´t have design studies or photoshop lessons, am a chemical engenier and i work far from my time it´s limited to make modifications to my PSD files....
Thnxs for Kappa, Nike, Macron and Adidas templates, very useful
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