Chris Benoit Dead :(

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Haven't been an avid wrestling fan for years but Benoit was one my favourites back then :(

They found him, his wife and son dead at his home. :(



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I uz da cripla crossface on me mum wen she be tryin to spank me an I be like, no mum I be firty for u cant be doin dat nomore. RIP meanest lookin man eva


damn, R.I.P :Bow:

why the hell professional people like him pass away and morons like the guy who posted before me are still around? :(


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mann, a famous wrestler seems to be dead atleast every few months, something is seriously wrong with that profession...besides the 'roids


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got home from work and heard about this... crushed :( apparently he murdered his son and wife before committing suicide but nothing's confirmed. if that's true... holy **** :|


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"It has been ruled that the deaths of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and their son Daniel earlier today were the result of a double murder-suicide from within the home. will have more as soon as it becomes available."

Also, the whole Vince thing is basically being canned as now it seems in really bad taste, with this and the death of Sensational Sherri last week, not that it wasn't in the first place.


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Holly **** :|

WTF man ? I always like this guy, a double murder suicide ?!!!! Something is ****ed up in the WWE man.

Man, now only Dean Malenko and Peery Saturn is left from the Radicalz :(



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from another forum
My second cousin is an officer with GBI (Georgia Bureau of Investigations) and what he's heard in his circle is that Chirs Benoit's wife killed their son Daniel, called Chris and told him to rush home because of an emergency which is why he missed last Sunday's Vengeance PPV. Upon arriving home Benoit killed his wife in a rage for the death of his son and then killed himself Monday morning. His wife's body was found in the master bedroom, strangled with the cord from an alarm clock. The son's body was found in his room appearantly suffocated with a garbage bag. Chris then wrote a suicide note explaining what had happened, apologized to his family, his other children (from a seperate relationship), and his fans. He the fasioned a slip-knot noose from from rope taken from the garage and hung himself from the ballaster in the foyer of his suburban Atlanta home.

Pretty sad situation


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what the hell!!

I dont follow wrestling anymore but just a few weeks ago I was watching him.

oh man.


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Holy crap, my mate literally just text me.


EDIT: From reading a few reports, it seems Benoit murdered his wife and kid - then killed himself. If that's true then what a scumbag. Disgusting.


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Some morons from a romanian newspaper say that he killed himself and his family because he lost the "U.S.A. Champion" title and because he was "drafted" in ECW division. :|

Anyway, RIP. :(