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Mourinho’s Assistant

He is a 17 year old defensive midfielder coming through the youth system.

This is from the Chelsea website

Born : 4/6/87

With Chelsea since the age of nine, Anthony has progressed through the age groups, earning the nickname Judge along the way. Now a second year scholar, he played many position in the youth team last season before settling down at right-back. Currently he is establishing himself in the reserve team central midfield and has been given a first team squad number. An England youth international.


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Chelsea 3-Man U 1

that was a great game.What a great goal by Tiago,even Jose blew his cheeks out in wonder.Lovely goal by Eider and also by Cole.We have set a new Prem record for the number of points scored in a season.The previous record was held by Man U.We beat that by 2 points tonight.No John terry ,he's gone into hospital for a minor op.Nice to see the Man U players applaud our players onto the pitch at the start.Yhey didn't look too happy about doing it though........ :)


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whats up with Robben?

thought he was supposed to be back but I dont even remember the last time he started a game!


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Heres an article about the satisfaction of tuesdays win:
and as Pede said, JT has gone under the knife. Good luck to him, and a speedy recovery (Y)

Sheva7. Dunno when Robben last startedm, but I believe it was before his last injury. So yah, in forever is pretty accurate :)

Solaimaa, i didnt get to celebrate because of final exams taxing me, but I think a look a few pages back will show the glee many here had at winning the league! It wasnt all fun and games either: Many of the old timers realized that it was a moment of reflection and not just jubilation. I got a good belated celebration in this weekend though, and by that I mean went out on the town sporting the black and silver kit :)

Dreath said:
They sold their Man Utd shirts ;)
Oh come now, dreath: You would never crack a joke like that over at OTL ;) (6)

Anyway, i was really impressed at Man Utds class at the honor guard thing. That was great to see: anyone else with me?


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Top awards for three of the best
Chelsea’s Premiership title win has been reflected by the seasonal Barclays awards with José Mourinho, Frank Lampard and Petr Cech all winners.

Mourinho has been named Manager of the Year with Frank Lampard the Player of the Year. Petr Cech has received the Golden Gloves trophy, presented to the goalkeeper with the most clean sheets over the course of the season.

Mourinho said of his award: “This is a fantastic honour for me in my first season in English football. The Barclays Premiership is the best league in the world for passion and exciting football. The football culture in England is amazing, fair, honest and full of emotion.

“But this award is not mine, it is a team award for all my assistants and my players. They have done the hard work of winning Chelsea's first Premiership for 50 years.”

He had previously won the Barclays Manager of the Month for both November and January. Lampard was the player equivalent for April. Petr Cech won a special merit award in January.
The domination has begun (H)


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according to his club....Chelsea or Real Madrid have not enquired about Del Horno up to now.The guy cant even hold down a regular place in the starting eleven.


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The way I see it, I want Bridgey to stay. That means getting a LB that would sit behind him, and in that case, it would be best to get a guy just like Kaladze: that is, someone who doesnt need minutes to develop, and has no problem warming the bench. Del Horno has a bright future, in my opinion, and I think his career would be best served somewhere other than Chelsea. I guess until the 3 new arrivals come, though, its gonna be endless speculation, with virtually nobodys name off the list. Like you say Pede, its pretty good knowing the future only gets brighter (H)

And after Chelsea's achievements of the past 2 seasons, I honestly believe winning the CL can be acomplished in the next 3 years at least once. The quad? Well, with this team, anything is possible...


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Weren't you guys interested in Maxwell? Even if you wanted to sign him, it would be impossible for him to pass his medical: he tore the cruciate ligament of his right knee so he'll be out until next winter. He'll be a Bosman by next summer and you'll probably have a new LB by that time :(


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Don't bother to read the previous posts. Will Cudicini have enough matches under his belt to earn a champion medal? It will be a shame if he couldn't get one.
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