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Tiago_10;3054087 said:
Ahahah Libras-Boas (H)

That's quite funny. I'm gonna use that nickname in future references to him from now on, if you don't mind.
go ahead dude, I actually encourage you to do so :browsmiley:

you've read it here first: come July 1, Chelski are forking over €30M for Radamel :willis:


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Rumour has it Robbie Di Matteo's coming back as assistant coach.

Don't know if it were true to be honest, I'm sure Robbie's good enough to be first team coach somewhere else but assuming he's willing to make the step down by all mean's he's a welcome addition.


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Yeah, looks like it's official now. Real big coup for you guys; should compensate for any inexperience or unfamiliarity that AVB has with England.


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Yeah, Boas has brought two members of his Academica/Porto stuff to join him, stepped up Holland from the reserves job to a first team assistant and also brought in Di Matteo. Quite a coup, I'd say. He didn't do too bad a job with West Brom, and always tried to play an attractive game. Hope he does as well, but doesn't end like, our other Chelsea legend, Wilkins.

Anyway, we finally substituted the assman job, and with a manager with Prem experience to boot. Apparently Enemalo never did the job Wilkins did when he was promoted from scout.


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Filipower;3057910 said:
What inexperience and unfamiliarity?

Yup, he's been here before and I'm sure he's smart enough to realize what needs to be done and what it takes, to achieve the same amount of success here like he did in Porto.

Over the moon with Robbie's appointment, the guy is one of my heroes(along with Petrescu and Zola), I honestly don't know if its a good move for him personally, but its a big coup for the club.
But apparently Emenalo is staying, recommended by Roman himself I believe.


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Hy! I hope that Falcao come to Chelsea! Falcao is a good player! Drogba to Galatasaray? Ok! I like Drogba,but he is the oldest forward in the team! Torres and Falcao!!! Good forward-s!

I think is very important to buy good,younger players!

And to sell the oldest and the bad players:Anelka,Benayoun,Drogba,Terry!

It's only my opinion!!!!:)


Did he actually start every answer with "No, I mean." ?

**** it's really hard for me to not root for André, to be honest. But rest assured, I won't :D


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ShiftyPowers;3058292 said:
Um... he hasn't been in the Premier League for like 5 years and has only been a manager for 2?

Well in that case he only lacks first hand managerial experience in England. Unfamiliarity wise definitely not.

As mentioned before, he worked closely as opposition scout with Mourinho in England, I'm sure he's kept his eyes open and is familiar with how things work here.


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Uzair;3058147 said:
Andre Villas Boas First Chelsea Press Conference Full
as I said before:
Xifio;3030250 said:

Villas-Boas! who doesn't love this guy?


Filipower;3058231 said:
Arnau;3058201 said:
He sounds like Guardiola.
You wish.
the fylosopher > the filosofer? I hope so ...


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I know he's the next coming to some of you, and already a God to others, but he DOES lack experience and familiarity with a league he hasn't been in for years. Go ahead and pretend it's not the case, but it is. I'm not making any comment on how this will affect his ability to manage from Day 1. Di Matteo has that immediate experience and familiarity, which is why this is such a big signing.
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