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Filipower;2529952 said:
Maybe you could get Arsène Wenger, I hear he's good (6)

Nah, he's yesterday's man. His time has come and gone.

Henk ten Cate has been released by Chelsea. A statement on our website said: "Chelsea Football Club can confirm that it terminated Henk Ten Cate's contract today (Thursday). This follows a meeting this morning.

"As a result of the team management changes at Chelsea FC, and in the light of any forthcoming appointment, it was clear this was the correct decision for all parties.

"Everybody at Chelsea would like to thank Henk for his contribution since coming to the club last year."

So that rules Rijkaard out of the job thank God.

What is interesting though is why would Chelsea do this if they do not have a replacement in place for Avram already. I suspect that the person who has already accepted the managers job, has specified that he demands total control over ALL football matters within the club. Hmmm....I wonder who would demand something like that.:rolleyes:

Just shows how stupid the speculation regarding our new manager is. Some bozo has put Roy Keane's name forward. I suppose if you look at his track record as a manager you could see where this could be taken seriously. I mean, the guy has achieved so much since he hung up his boots that I'm surprised that every team on the planet are not chasing him. Really, what a load of bollocks.:)


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Wonder what the summer friendlies will be like and how many. The American ones bore me, let's play against some English clubs this year, screw the 'foreign promotion'.

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Where did you read that? I think by "Barca Ace" you thought Ronaldinho, when it is actually Giovanni Dos Santos(Mexican 19 year old striker).


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treble41;2530881 said:
Wonder what the summer friendlies will be like and how many. The American ones bore me, let's play against some English clubs this year, screw the 'foreign promotion'.

You play against English clubs ALL SEASON.


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As a club, we need summer tours away from home, and playing in the U.S. over the last few years has been very successful for us, and beneficial to football in America too.

Our players get good competitive games against MLS teams, and it helps the club push the Chelsea brand abroad too.

These tours are really not organised to predominantly entertain us, but to prepare the squad for the following season, and I think that is achieved.

I did hear that Chelsea have a Malaysian tour organised for this summer. Whether thats as well as, or in place of the U.S.tour, I just do not know.

I enjoy MLS football so the are more than fine with me.:)


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Jose has signed with Inter, Hughes with City and Rijkaard wants a year off.

Phew that's 3 heavy weights off my mind. :)


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Who exactly is still in the running? Counting out those who have dismissed links, those who Chelsea have denied, and those who have signed with other teams, I think it's only Mancini left. Or am I in the wrong?


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Filipower;2531810 said:
Hughes was a possibility?

No, only a very worrying rumour that I'm glad turned out to be crap.

Mandieta6, theres still quite a few guys out there who can do the job. When Chelsea have a new man in place, they will anounce it. This media speculation is just a bore.

This is funny. While Avram was in charge, the media suggested that the Chelsea team didn't actually need a manager. Apparantly they thought that the team could take the field and succeed without Grants help. They implied that Avram wasn't actually influencing anything at all.

Now I am reading that the media regard Chelsea as being in disarray because we haven't got a manager. Please make up your minds scumsuckers.

What a sorry state our media is in.:)


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Well I don't get to see them play much these days Fili, but I try to keep up with whats happening.

We actually reached the FA youth cup final this season. The first time for years and years. We lost (par for the course this season), but aclear sign that huge improvement has been made, and some of the younger guys are making an impression.


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Chelsea are bringing a XI team to my hometown club (Aldershot) in the summer, who in the reserves is worth watching?


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Also Gael Kakuta, Franco Di Santo, Milan Lalkovic (watch this boy if he plays), Frank Nouble, Billy Knott....Man, the list goes on and on. The future looks very good if these guys keep progressing the way they have.

As for Aliu Djalo, He's been playing in the youth team, and has been doing fine.His adopted dad Bobo, took a coaching job at Chelsea when Aliu come here. Bobo was a scout for Chelsea in Africa.
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