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*^^ I am also looking forward to his post. He always provides us with the greatest of them all.

But no to surprise about it... We all new it was gonna happen.

Shifty- drogba is not a happy man in Chelsea, thats why he has wanted out...

Bybuti- Grant didn't rebuilt, his only purchase was anelka... And look what he provided to the team.


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Well, The boo boys and the jew haters get their way in the end. Yesterday I was so proud of my club, but today I am not so proud.

Avram's dismissal is the end result of a sustained hate campaign against the man. Vitriol spewed forth from the media, some of our own so called fans, and even one or two of our own players it seems.

So the Chelsea big boys have decided that Avram is not big enough for us. They have decided that we should have a big name manager for this big name club (sarcasm ok?).

Well I'm sick of this elitist bullsh1t. I dare say that the club will find a suitable replacement for Avram, but thats not the point as far as I am concerned.

We are turning into the Newcastle of the south and it stinks.

OK, so Avram walks away with over 5 million quid for his efforts. Not enough in my opinion for all the crap he's had to put up with. I only wish that I could personally wish him well, and thank him for winning my club something much more important than poxy titles and cups. A bit of repect.

So now they scrape him off the bottom of their shoes like a lump of dog sh1t. I am not impressed by this at all. Not at all.

I dunno, maybe I'm an "old school" football fan. A dinosaur perhaps in this day and age. I can't do anything about it. I just have to live with it.

I'm gonna have to let this sink in and then later hopefully, I won't feel as crappy as I feel right now. Then maybe I might have something a little more constructive to say about the whole episode.


Saturday's sacking of former Chelsea manager Avram Grant has seen a host of names already be linked with the Stamford Bridge hot seat.

Grant's eight-month tenure in West London was always viewed as a stop-gap measure, even though the club consistently denied he would be leaving.

But attention now switches to those men most likely to replace the 52-year-old Israeli and the first name in the frame is Frank Rijkaard.

The Dutchman was linked with the job as soon as previous boss Jose Mourinho was axed last September and Rijkaard has just been released by Barcelona after failing to win a trophy for the Spaniards in the last two seasons.

He is a friend of Frank Arnesen, who controls the Chelsea's scouting network, and has worked with assistant coach Henk ten Cate at the Camp Nou.

Hiddink interest

Russia manager Guus Hiddink is another favoured contender. Like Grant, he is a close friend of the club's billionaire owner Roman Abramovich and regarded as the world's best tactician.

Hiddink has consistently denied being interested in the Chelsea job but has, as yet, not signed a new deal with the Russian Federation.

Sven Goran Eriksson is understood to have rejected the job on two previous occasions and was infamously caught out secretly meeting the club's chief executive Peter Kenyon in the past.

The Swede's future at Manchester City is unclear and, like Hiddink, he boasts a fine record at club and international level.

Special One

Then, of course, there is the most unlikely prospect of the return of fan's favourite Mourinho.

The 'Special One', who is reportedly favourite to join Internazionale, was axed last September and replaced by the luckless Grant, but he has been out of a job ever since.

Other contenders include Getafe's departing boss Michael Laudrup, while Portugal chief Luis Phillipe Scolari will also be mentioned alongside Inter manager Roberto Mancini.


What do you Chelsea fans think? And who would you want in charge?


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Apparently the bookies have slashed the odds on Jose making a return from 20/1 to 8/1. With him and Roman talking again is it such a remote possibility?


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Imagine Rijkaard at Chelsea and Mourinho at Barca lol.

Even if I don't agree with firing Grant, at least it shows the ambition of the club. That's the same sort of ambition that attracts player to Real (we don't have the same history but at least we can have the other stuff).

Hiddink? I dunno, we'll always be a club needing a change in managers every few years or so unless we come across a Ferguson. As for who? I trust Abrahimovich. Hopefully a manager that doesn't change the squad too much.

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So ambition = firing your manager when the going gets tough? If that were the case, Alan Curbishley would not have stayed at Charlton for 15 years, Wenger would not have been at Arsenal and neither would Ferguson at Old Trafford.


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Rijkaard, a coach who has won nothing for two seasons on the trot? I can't see the point in that. I would have thought that Chelsea would be looking at a winner, not a loser.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Jose come back TBH. He and Roman have never stopped talking since he left the club. In fact after the Carling Cup final, Roman bought Jose a limited edition Ferrarri for 1 million quid as a present. The possibility of seeing Jose at the Bridge again has never really gone away, so it could happen I guess. Sounds like the sort of thing Chelsea would do these days.

TBH, whatever manager they apoint will be a gamble, as we endure another season of "transition". I really do not have any preferences at all, but I would scrub Rijkaard and Sven from the equation for a start. Those two do not inspire me at all.


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newbie original;2528861 said:
So ambition = firing your manager when the going gets tough? If that were the case, Alan Curbishley would not have stayed at Charlton for 15 years, Wenger would not have been at Arsenal and neither would Ferguson at Old Trafford.

Newbie, Liverpools managerial record hasn't been that good in the past either mate.

Chelsea didn't sack anyone when the going got tough. They sack managers when things are going OK.

I suppose when the time comes, when Chelsea decide that they have the perfect manager for the club, then thats the time they can look forward to a long tenure for that manager. That probably applies at most clubs doesn't it?

Curbishley stayed so long at Charlton because Charlton never had any ambition to move forward, and he was cheap.

Wenger is hanging on to his job by the skin of his teeth after 3 seasons of winning nothing. If he does not win anything next season, he will be gone from there. The only reason he has lasted is because he does not like to spend the shareholders money, which makes the boardroom very happy (and very rich). He is on borrowed time.

Ferguson is an exception in the world of football. Is there any club in the entire World who have had the same manager for 20 years? I can't think of one.


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Can't believe Grant got sacked already. Other than Roy Keane last year, what manager can be expected to triumph when he has no time to mould his team? Considering everything he had going against him, I think he did really well, and I wish him the best of luck. Honestly, no manager on the shortlist sounds like they'd give us more success than Grant could've, next year. Like pede said, it's going to be a gamble, hopefully it'll turn out well.

I really hope we don't become like Real Madrid, scrapping managers year in year out. And God I hope Anelka gets booted after all the crap he's been spewing.


pede54;2528864 said:
In fact after the Carling Cup final, Roman bought Jose a limited edition Ferrarri for 1 million quid as a present.

Holy ****, mate are you absolutely serious and sure about that?


****. I'm not saying that because of the car, I'm saying that because actually it came out on one of those "famous people" magazines over here, saying that 'someone' had given him a Ferrari; and somebody told me it was supposed to be an Italian club you know...but now that you say that, I've looked it up, and it appears that it was indeed Roman. Funny stuff. So the question really rises:

What if he returned to Chelsea?


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Back to the old routine of winning stuff I would hope. Although I would also hope that Jose has calmed his personality down a bit. I couldn't take any more of his surreal whinging. It began to depress me towards the end.

I guess we will have to wait and see where this ends up.

Its a mad mad world indeed.

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Well, apparently Jose sent a message to Michael Essien saying that he will sign with Inter on Monday and would like him(Essien) to be there. Although I read that on some "famous people" website, so it could end up being speculation.

pede54;2528869 said:
Newbie, Liverpools managerial record hasn't been that good in the past either mate......

yeah, true.*sighs* Though, I must say I'm strying to slide that under the carpet and pretend it doesn't exist/isn't true.


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damn its been a while... i got something to say, WHEN Grant got appointed I was one his biggest critics , i hated him and was disgusted but my love for Chelsea has seen me give him a chance and got to say he did well, real well, i applaud him. Pede you said it right thiers no other managers that can replace him right now, SVEN??? hellllllllllllll nooo, Rijkaard??? no trophies in two years, and won the Champions League b/c of Ronaldhinos brilliance, he threaded passes like a needle, phenomenal player at that time but was it Rijkaards tactical side... not sure. MANCINI???? the dude can not win in Europe period, he has done well with Inter but come on honestly and the prem is a different story and italia, its less tactical. Hiddink??? best choice in my opinion, tactical genius, but do not forget he has had alot of failures along his managerial career I think hes more a country manager, Laudrup??? maybe a new upcoming manager give him shot, but still has alot to prove . The best manager on the market right now is the one that we let go and thats Jose, and as much as I love Jose AND I WANT HIM BACK, i'd rather see him go to Italy (rumor is Inter Milan) but if he comes back hellll i wouldnt mind, obviously majority want him back, but w.e .Dont know bout Lamps, that contract situation GOT TO BE SORTED .

You guys gotta check this out, its kinda shady, as much as i love Roman.,17033,8652_3588022,00.html


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pede54;2528892 said:
Back to the old routine of winning stuff I would hope.

haha I read that as 'whining stuff' the first time (H)

Yeah I heard about the Roman 700 something million pound debt thing. Personally, I think it's still a better situation than Man U is in but neither club really needs to worry in the short term. The details of how he finances it doesn't really matter to me as long as he's not being funded by the i********* or Thaksin style or something.

By the way Newbie, no offence but your team's 3 season outing with your manager's gone too long I think. A club shouldn't be like Real Madrid but Benitez could do a lot better, he's just been riding on CL success and the FC Cup win. They wouldn't have finished 3rd before if Arse hadn't had such a crappy season. With the Liverpool squad, they should be competing with us at the top, not fighting for a CL qualifying spot.
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