Change Player Body Type


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HI Guys ,I would change some of the bodies for some players who can not find suitable, I will open the db master , go on "players", try the line "bodytypecode" and edit the value.
Save, regeneration but in games is the same as before! Where am I wrong? :rolleyes:


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*Supernova*;3877260 said:
We can use this post to help and advise us ?

Naingollan which body would you give him ?
I give all players an average body type so they're not skinny sticks and that's it, I don't know about individual players.


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Use the Scripter tool provided by the i68Controller.

// From i68Scripter Template

// Sets a specific value for any field in the players table

// Usages:
// SetGenericPlayersTableValue (playerid, columnname, value)
// SetGenericPlayersTableValue (playername, columnname, value)

// Notes:
// Since this is a generic command, cannot make any preventive
// check on the range and on the type of data entered.
// Improper use may corrupt your database copy.

// Examples:
// SetGenericPlayersTableValue (Pogba.Paul, potential, 89)
// This sets a more realistic potential for Paul Pogba which will never be as Messi...
// SetGenericPlayersTableValue (1179, gkreflexes, 89)
// This enhances reflexes for Gigi Buffon which is still a cat!


SetGenericPlayersTableValue (Nainggolan.Radja, bodytypecode, yourvalue)



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Hi iard68, I tried to do it your way using your program but I dont see the changes, btw Im using moddingway mod, I dont know if thats the issue..thanks in advance