ChampMan06 PC gold demo released


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lets all go singing from the rooftops.

It might be alright, but FM has blown the competition out of the water over the past 18months or so.


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Anyone tried it yet?

Downloaded it and started a game with Manchester United. My first goal was with van Nistelrooy, a screamer from 40 yards! How often do you see that in real life...

But he did score a sort of tap in "standard" van Nistelrooy type of goal, too.

And I sold Kieran Richardson for £5.5 (!) million to Marseille.


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One thing I actually like about this game is the 3D match engine. If FM could implement this (like CM have implemented EVERYTHING down to detail from FM), and actually make it work, it would be awesome.


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From the screenies I think that 3d pitch is pretty ugly. It looks as though they couldn't decide wheter to use a 2d engine or 3d engine and ended up doing something in between.



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i find the whole interface just so much more "heavy" and bulky than FM which makes it so frustrating and almost unplayable in the first place.


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Ive played and don't like it that much , Im playing the old CM0102 just now and like that a lot better, the layouts and such. As for the 3rd match ??mmm , I paged to Overview but still heard every whistle and boot (thump thump) of the ball, and I don't get the bits when I do watch it , where a defender out on the wing 25yrds from goal with no one near him and I mean from the view the nearest player is 20 odd yrds away, turns to the sideline and heads the ball out ??????

But its the whole layout of the game its just doesn't wrap around you and draw you in like the one Im playing just now (CM01/02).

And in the Overview page , watching the Text Commentary , in 01/02 you have as you know about 6 speed settings and the text commentary adjusts to the speed and even at the fast setting you can still read what is going on, but in CM2006 at the top setting it flashes by way to fast , could be that unlike 01/02's different text commentary as in shorter the faster the setting , in cm2006 you get ALL the text and because of that , it flashes through to quickly..

To be honest Cm2006 just leave me cold and while playing it I didn't really care if I won or lost .. I don't know what it is about it , the feeling(s) or lack of them I get from playing cm2006 are totally different to near putting my boot through the screen when I lose a goal in CM01/02 never mind a game ...


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You shouldn't compare the old CM series with new CM series mate. It's like comparing Faroe Islands with Brazil.

Play FM and it'll give you that feeling which you are lacking(Damn I sound like a pastor :crazyboy: )