Champions League fonts and defaulf boots assignments


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All past FIFA titles have had certain aspects of kits directly linked to the games database. I.e the fonts of player names at the back of the shirt and the fonts of the numbers. This was frustrating for kit makers like myself to create completely realistic European kits.

All Premiership teams that play in europe have different fonts of names and numbers for european games. Ordinary kits go by (x_0_0.rx3) and eurpean kits go by (x_0_223.rx3). But it means that if I were to change the fonts of kits names and numbers of particularly the Premiership teams, using CM 13 and 14, it will remain the same for both league games and European games. All the editors could do in the past to integrate Champions League like kits with 3d-files were just to add the Champions League shoulder emblems and captain arm bands with the same Premiership font kit names and numbers in the european games. Does anyone know if kit name fonts and number fonts will be directly linked to the database this year or will it be seperate like the rx3. files?

Also, I understand that the original boot assignments are not necessarilly linked to the database. By this I mean that there can still be limitations after begining in career mode. I am desperately wondering if there is a way to assign boots directly to multiple players at the same time, off-game without using Ariels' Moddingway's boots assignments tool. Is it possible to change the original boots assignments? As that is easier than 1; editing indivdual players boots in-game and 2, creating hundreds and hundreds of new shoe_textures files in the sceneassets files accumulating hardrive space (Moddingway boot assignments).

What I'm trying to achieve here is when boots are released in real life, multiple players who wear a particular version of that boot get to showcase them, not just one. In order for all players to have the required boot, it would take a heafty amount of time in-game, editing the boots of each individual player. In Pes, all default assignments are set and cronalogically listed which cannot be changed. But all I'd have to do is switch ONE boot 3d-file with another and ALL players assigned to that number by default would have that boot. It also transfered onto the Master League save. However when I tried that on FIFA it would work for ordinary gaming like kick off exhibitions but not in my career mode.

Forgive my long post, any help would be very much appriciated. Thanks guys