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    A few days ago i downloaded CG file explorer and finally i found a way to make scoreboards. All right until now. But after the 2 scoreboards i happily made, the software is dumbfounded. When i try to change the font, it still remain the same, and if i try to make a scoreboard from 0, i could also change font but textures disappears. it seems a joke. I tried everything and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING. You think that I even tried to remove all the fonts except the one I wanted but nothing. ah, and before you ask me, i tried also to uninstall the software and re-install. The thing that make me angrier is that at the beginning it worked perfectly, and then it's gone crazy for no reason! I hope that there are here some people who worked with this software and knowing the problem they know how to fix it. Thank you. Although thi app is fantastic.. oh if only i could fix this bug....
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