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azzbomb06;3921374 said:
how to install this?

Download and open rar. now Ctrl+c -> FIFA_ATTR.vp8
Ctrl+v -> Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\movies
overwrite - yes. and FHL-BH-Editor open. regenerate. Enjoy games.

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pao4ever;3922355 said:
that's UCL animated adboards? amazing man!
Yep, will be animated adboards. Those are just the base graphics, I have to rearrange them for the animated bigs but I'm pretty confident I can replicate it very similar to reality.

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Animated Adboards Patch All in One 2.0

Installation-Instruction (English)

1. Copy the "data" folder into your FIFA 16 folder and replace excisting files.
2. Open your DB with DBMaster15 and import the 6 tables from the "DB tables" folder one by one and save.
3. Reset the squads ingame and start a new career.
4. Enjoy.

This new All in One Patch includes all the animated adboards from the previous AIO patch Andy released,
all my latest adboards (Champions League, Leicester, FA Cup, Capital One Cup + fixes) and Christophe's
adboards (Nice, Italia). So no need to install anything before, just install this one and you are

Installations-Anleitung (Deutsch)

1. Kopiert den Ordner "data" in euren FIFA 16 Ordner und überschreibt vorhandene Dateien.
2. Öffnet eure DB mit dem DBMaster15 und importiert die 6 Tabellen aus dem Ordner "DB tables" einzeln und speichert.
3. Setzt die Kader ingame zurück und startet eine neue Karriere.
4. Viel Vergnügen.

Dieser All in One Patch beeinhaltet alle animierten Adboards aus dem AIO Patch, welchen Andy released hatte,
alle neuen Adboards von mir (Champions League, Leicester, FA Cup, Capital One Cup + Fixes) und Christophe's
Adboards (Nizza, Italien). Es gibt also keinen Grund irgendwas vorher zu installieren, einfach diesen Patch
installieren und ihr seid auf dem neuesten Stand.


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Great work mate, do you know if these will work in friendly/exhibition matches too without cl edits?

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