CEP07 3.0 Released


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Hey I'm not interested at all in this discussion, this was intended to be a release post of a patch, thing that actually is not: my fault of thinking to have just normal posts in a thread like this. I don't have the time to read all this stuff and keep replying; banning has no sense as it's not an IP banning, so see ya all and enjoy your fights.


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Biebrich 02 said:
Oh come on billy calm down a bit! You're right with what you first posted but what the hell makes you explode like that?

I'm out of my anger controll pills atm, and I am very passionate about what I do, you're right I should calm down, Pietro struck a cord by calling me thief again, something I heard over and over in my patch forum, sometimes that makes me wish to kill lol.

Biebrich 02

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Will you please stop to fight? It seems like there is no solution, you have very different ways to look at that fifa community thing, i agree with billy in what he says (the content, not the way he says it) but i guess you won't become friends anymore so please stop that useless fight.


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Billy_Foot said:
... or a blowjob by Angelina Jolie ....
Wow are you sure you can't do anything about that, I would really appreciate.
Relax friends, it's just a (stupid) computer game !


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Hi, OckHAM! Sorry for my bad english. Can you repair next?:

-Ukrainian Premier League at Ukrainian High League;
-Karpati Lvov at Karpaty Lviv;
-Metallurh at Metalurh Donetsk;
-FK Kharkov at FC Kharkiv;
-Fk Krivbas at FC Kryvbas;
-FK Illichivets at Illychivets Mariupil
-Chernomorets Odessa at Chernomorets Odesa;
-Arsenal Kiev at Arsenal Kyiv;
-Zorja Lugansk at Zorya Luhansk
You included in the Ukrainian League the advertisement at the boards from Russian League. Can you repair it too? If you can’t repair it, at the time put the standard advertisement for Ukrainian league, please!

The advertisement for the Ukrainian High League you can takes here:
-Ukrainian High League for FIFA 06 (version 1.0.):
Part 1
Part 2
-Ukrainian High League for FIFA 06 (version 1.3.):
-More information about Ukrainian High League for FIFA 07:

Can you repair next in the Russia Premier League?:
FK Alania & FK Terek played in Russian Premier League a before last season (this is good for FIFA 06, but don’t nice for FIFA 07). In the last season in place of names teams played Spartak Nalchik & Luch – Energia Vladivostok.
The information about teams you can take here:

Repair, please:
-FK Movska at FK Moskva or FC Moscow;
-CSKA Movska at CSKA Moskva (Moscow);
-Dinamo Movska at Dinamo Moskva (Moscow);
-Lokomotiv Movska at Lokomotiv Moskva (Moscow);
-Spartak Movska at Spartak Moskva (Moscow)

In spite of everything your patch is very nice! :)


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1st thanks for great fifa by okham
please fix balls aboards sponsors in career
how play by adidas ball 2002 in english premiere league
champions league wihout it ball and aboards


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aly_mohy1 said:
1st thanks for great fifa by okham
please fix balls aboards sponsors in career
how play by adidas ball 2002 in english premiere league
champions league wihout it ball and aboards

i dont really know what hes saying but he mentions the balls in carreer

i think the nike ball should be the default ball for all EPL teams, not the adidas, because thats whats used in real life. If you could fix that that would be great, it would add to immersion... thanks

El Calvo

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OckHAM said:
You can change gk kits with KitRaptor (Serbia is in EA default team list); you can change Odita face through in game editor.

First I have to say GREAT patch!!!
I tried to use KitRaptor 07 final to change Guadalajara Chivas uniform after i used the patch but it wont work. I can export but it wont let me import.
I'm I using the wrong Kitraptor? what version works with CEP 3


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Hi OckHAM again!
Can you include in your future patch the next teams?:
-Ararat Erevan – Armenia (This team the very popular in Armenia and always played in the High league of USSR):
-Kairat Almaty – Kazakhstan (This team the very popular in Kazakhstan and sometimes played in the High league of USSR. In addition, the teams from Kazakhstan play in UEFA now) :
-Zimbru Chisinau – Moldova (This team the very popular in Moldova):


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OckHAM said:
Comma, you wrote the same things last year so frankly your "attendibility" is a bit low. Last year you spend about 1 month insulting me and everyone can check on the old CEP06 thread, so if this is your hobby this year too I'm glad you have nothing better to do. I still can't understand why everyone can't wait a couple of weeks to start editing the CEP, bha.

My hobby is playing and editing the game, which your patch makes it pretty hard to do. I am not insulting you, just pointing out what I think. The reason I write the same things this year is simple. Nothing has changed.

I don't understand why an 'unlocked' version of 3.0 cant be released? I mean, as i understand it, you are just unlocking the 'pretty' part of the game, but I would like to edit the db and change ratings, add some people, change hair styles and wristbands. Thats all I'm asking for. Sometimes I just don't agree with the ratings people arbitrarily, not just in your patch, give to the younger players when everyone has a bias, including me. If it were up to me, Cristiano Ronaldo would be a perfect player and Rossi would be there in a year or two, but someone else who edits the db and happens to hate C. Ronaldo isnt going to give him that great of a mark. Plus, they usually get their development wrong anyways. Who can predict that?

Also, and maybe I'm wrong here, but I was under the impression that CEP would be a collection and expansion upon the original game by only adding db updates, kits, flags, leagues and everything else strictly visual. I just don't really appreciate someone else thinking for me. I don't need you to edit the career file, cpu ai file, or any other file that effects the game in any way other than visual for me.

I'm just saying, if EA didn't see fit to lock their db to begin with, why should you be so concerned with it? I mean, if i want to add people and make others 'superman' then thats my liberty, right? It just bothers me that you don't believe much in egalitarianism.



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I don't post here very often, but I think I have to write down some thoughts of mine about this issue.

The new CEP patch looks quite good regarding the content, but I have to agree that locking the database is a very unwise decision. (:/)

After all, OckHAM, you don't own any of the copyrights for this stuff yourself, so what would you say if EA or any of the companies or football clubs who own the individual copyrights would come to you with their lawyers? Of course then everyone would blame them - and rightly so - but fortunately this situation isn't the case. But you shouldn't start trying to "protect" your own patches now, as you are dependent on the goodwill of those companies yourself. The CEP is very well-known anyway, so you are getting the credit you deserve, I don't see that in danger. But as has been said, being able to freely edit FIFA is an important aspect of the whole community and with a locked database you are working against this principle. So please take these thoughts into consideration for future versions of the otherwise great CEP patch!

Releasing special editions of some editors at least enables people to edit some aspects, but still this is a huge limitation. Also, locking the FIFA database is a wrong decision in principle.

Regarding the compilation patch which has been discussed on this thread: I haven't downloaded it myself, but from what I read on this thread I would say that it should be okay, if proper credit to the original authors has been given, including links to their websites. As I already said, all FIFA editors are editing copyrighted stuff themselves, so they can't complain if someone else edits their stuff - that would be hypocritical (unless someone else falsely advertises it as his own work of course, without giving credit). People should try to look at things in a positive way: If someone else expands a previous patch or compiles a compilation this will only make more FIFA players happy and should usually increase the popularity of the original authors and their sites at the same time. :)

Anyway, this post is not intended to offend anyone, I just wanted to write down some general thoughts about this topic. Take care, everyone and thanks to all FIFA editors, of CEP and otherwise, for their time and effort! (Y)