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CEP07 3.0 Released


Reserve Team

The first version of CEP for Fifa 2007, the CEP 3.0 has been released on Sweetpatch together with the Kits Addon 4.0 to revolutionate completely your fifa game.

Some quick and very important notes that you have to read before downloading and installing: 1) Italian language is not still included in this first release, you will find it during next hours on the site of a friend of the CEP; 2) You will find that is NOT possible to edit the CEP with any of the excellent db editing utilities for Fifa 2007: this is a choice of ours, and you will discover why and how in the faq included in the release; 3) I STRONGLY suggest you to: reinstall a fresh version of Fifa 2007 before installing CEP to have the same stability we encountered during our long betatesting, and to download the Kits Addon 4.0 because all the kits (name, colours etc.) settings are based on the kits present in that addon.

I'm going to update the CEP website pages during the next hours with more informations on present and future releases of the CEP07 (downloads page too needs to be updated), in the meanwhile this is the list of the CEP07 features:


French Ligue 1
French Ligue 2
English Premiership
English Championship
English League One
English League Two
Scotland Premier League
Netherlands Eredivisie
Netherlands Jupiler League
Spanish Primera Division
Spanish Segunda Division
Italian Serie A
Italian Serie B
Italian Serie C1A and C1B
Swedish Allsvenskan
German Bundesliga 1
German Bundesliga 2
Denmark Superligaen
Argentina Primera Division
Belgium Jupiler League
Austria Bundesliga
Mexican Primera Division
Norway Tippeligaen
Portugal Bet and Win League
Australia A-League


Albania Championship (1st div)
Argentina Primera Dision (1st div)
Argentina Segunda Div (2nd div)
Austria A-League (1st div)
Bolivia Liga (1st div)
Brazil Carioca (regional league)
Brazil Gaucho (regional league)
Brazil Paulista (regional league)
Brazil Serie B (2nd div)
Bulgary Grup A (1st div)
Chile Primera Division (1st div)
Colombia Copa Mustang (1st div)
Croatia HNL Ozujsko (1st div)
Czech Gambrinus League (1st div)
Ecuador Serie A (1st div)
Finland Veikkausliiga (1st div)
Germany Oberliga best of (4th div)
Germany Regionalliga Nord (3rd div)
Germany Regionalliga Sud (3rd div)
Greece A Ethniki (1st div)
Hungary Borsodi Liga (1st div)
Hungary NB II Kelet (2nd div)
Hungary NB II Nyugat (2nd div)
Iceland Premier League (1st div)
Ireland Eircom Premier League (1st div)
Israel Ligat Al (1st div)
Italy Serie C1A and C1B (3rd div)
Japan J-League (1st div)
Lithuania A Lyga (1st div)
Mexico Primera A (2nd div)
Netherlands Jupiler League (2nd div)
Paraguay Division Profesional (1st div)
Peru Primera Division (1st div)
Portugal Liga de Honra (2nd div)
Romania Divizia A (1st div)
Russia Premier League (1st div)
Scotland Bell's league (2nd div)
Serbia Prva Liga (1st div)
Slovakia SuperLiga (1st div)
Slovenia Si Mobil Liga (1st div)
Sweden Superettan (2nd)
Switzerland Challenge league (2nd div)
Ukraine Premier League (1st div)
Uruguay Primera Division (1st div)
Venezuela Primera Division (1st div)

Full Champions League
Full UEFA Cup
Copa Libertadores
Copa Sudamericana
Best of Uruguay
Germany 2006 World cup
Copa America
Gold CUP
African Cup of Nations
Asian Cup of Nations
Rest of Europe teams
Royal League
Euro 2008 qualifications and final stage
World Club Championship

You can download CEP07 v 3.0 here on Sweetpatch Download Boutique (5 rar volumes, you need WinRAR to decompress them) and Kits Addon 4.0 here (4 rar volumes). Enjoy and thanks to all the ones who collaborated to this version of CEP.

For problems and segnalations use
CEP forums: http://fifacep.jconserv.net/index.php


Youth Team
Too bad it is not possible to do any kind of editing to the CEP db since it is decrypted. :nape:

Otherwisely...great and massive job on this!


Senior Squad
Editing Players

So there's no way of adding any players to the game since the database is full? Is there a way to delete a player?


Youth Team
No, the database isn't full, we can still add hundred thousand of players BUT you can't add or edit any one by yourself, we crypted the CEP db to preserve us from patch stealing. :jambo:
The work we did, dozens of people, needs to be preserved.
Furthermore, without wanting to make more publicity, this CEP already contains all the leagues and tournament that are planned in almost all Fifa 07 patches.
Stay tuned for the new expansion program in the next version and enjoy this one :ewan:


Youth Team
sorry guys tried this and using my derby county team the squad is so outdated still got players that left last year
ganna give this a miss
and no editing takes the fun out of it


Reserve Team
Sorry Angie: thanks to register on soccergaming to segnalate with your first post the Derby County missing players, Angie, anyway as you can notice from the images:

the players missing are the three loans (should be months loans, so has no sense to include them in a patch as they will be sent back to their teams within less than six months) and a couple of very young new entries. Anyway, even if the roster is indeed more accurate than the EA one, you can of course help us updating crucial informations about Derby County.


Youth Team
no prob but you will find that konjic has gone and so has tudgay for good

ps its only my first post due to for some reason cant sign in on my other name
so had to rejoin.
great patch but cant understand why we cant edit it further for ourselves.
as anyone who had pro evolution will now that i was one of the main stad builders for it and sharing and editing was everything on there.
but i am now converted to fifa as 07 is great so i hope that stadium building becomes availible for it


Club Supporter
Downloading now...hopefully there is a README file in there, I had a couple questions I was wondering...

NICE WORK though! :ewan:


Youth Team
RSCA-boy said:
But will it be possible to edit player ratings in the game itself?

The way I undersstood it this would not be possible. But I just tried to move one player from a CEP created team to another club, and then change his ratings, and it worked!!


Reserve Team
In-game editing works without problems, anyway you will find almost all the answers you need in the readme and in the faqs (available in english, spanish and italian language).


Club Supporter

This might be a naive question...but, Is there any way to see the README of FAQ without installing? I don't see it in any of the folders & there was only a quick rundown in the beginning install stages. :jambo: