CEP-like-patch with quality?

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Just for general interest...

What do you think, is it possible to make a CEP similar patch (massive addition of new Leagues) with acceptable quality? Please take in mind that I'm only talking about a patch that gets released in the lifespan of the actual FIFA game.

What would have to be done to fulfill the expectations of such an enormous project?

I'm looking foward to your opinions.


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Just use the CEP thats out. People tend to complain but you can take the leagues and add or subtract whatever you want to make them to your liking. The quality of your game is up to you. You cant expect someone to release a patch that big with everything perfect. I think many on this board are unreasonable.


installing cep 7.1 takes forever.

the minikits, minifaces, etc, are all different & bad quality, its just too much even to do it that way.


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Well CEP itself wasn´t a bad concept at all, maybe it´s not too practical having in mind the Fifa Fat limitations and other technical issues but the idea was the achivement of a complete FIFA experience, something that EA maybe never will deliver.


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i believe that is very hard to make such a massive project! it would be nice if we will only add 6-7 most important leagues that aren't in game at least with medium quality.