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Carlos*slapd234;3621066 said:
does anyone have the model of Stade Louis II from Pes 2012/13 in a 3D form?

I think someone uploaded a few stadiums from PES2014 or PES2013 in my World Cup Playoffs thread. EDIT: I've doubled checked this link, but it doesn't have Stade Louis II which isn't in PES2014; only Saitama 2002, Estadio da Luz, El Monumental & Stade de France (Stade de France; Svence has already released it)

Would you be interested in doing Saitama (Urawa Red Diamonds + Japan) and/or Monumental (River Plate + Argentina)?

I've also got the OG versions of Portuguese stadiums from both EURO 2004 and FIFA10 of Da Luz, Dragao + Alvalade as well as Braga and Algarve only from EURO 2004.

Also, Check out my EURO 2016 thread for details of the European stadiums that I have in the old/non-.rx3 formats.


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Carlos*slapd234;3621110 said:
are there any textures for this or is it just the 3D files? And if so, any idea where I can get the textures from?

It's only the 3d files, for the textures I'm honestly not too sure where you can find them.


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Why do I have day effects if when I play at night with the downloaded stadiums? I imported them in new IDs.