Career Mode-Youth players surnames bug


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Does anyone know what to edit in the database in order to fix the Youth Academy Players name bug?
If i send i scout in Romania, Moldova or Ukraine or Hungary there are 3-4 surnames for the players which is frustrating.
These are the examples of which i'm talking about.
There is a topic on FIFA 23 bug report forums, but EA doesn't seem to care.
I'm wondering now, that the FIFA Editor Tool is available, is there a way to fix it because EA seems not to look after these frustrating bug.



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Try removing the entries for Romanian names from the "career_lastnames" table. They are under the name 3 in the "groupid" row. This will extend the range of names and may help.
How can i do that? Wouldn't this affect the naming pool and appear strange names?
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It seems the bug with the last names is still there, i don't know what EA did, but i don't know how to fix it :(