Career Mode Crash

sam_red devil

Starting XI
i cant believe that my first match in career mode got is ea doing.looks like they are selling beta version....need help.

just added some fifa13 converted faces but successfully played pre season friendlies and community shield cup.


Reserve Team
No crashes so far. To many squad players?

What do you mean by control settings? Do you use a file for that? Or just setting controls manually?


Starting XI
First you rant and blame EA. And then you just happen to mention you modded the game... Really man? Do you really need me or someone else to tell you what the problem is? As for your query: You tell us after you try it: does it work or not?


Club Supporter
The game works fine for everyone else, so why are you blaming EA?

The question about controls: I don't think you can use the settings from fifa 13, due to new features in control settings in fifa 14