Career Mode Crash After New League


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mrashidli_3;3933660 said:
anyone gets "fifa couldn't be found on yout computer. please check registry"error in my fhl bh editor?

Oi that's not good. You have a backup? You can try "repairing" through origin but it will probably overwrite what you have already edited.


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mrashidli_3;3931020 said:
i have changed country ids and its working. it takes a long time to transfer all players from one to another but this is the only solution that i can suggest. so change the id of the nation u want to play with fifa default one. and it will work
Hi bro, i am having a similar problem as well, i created a new team with bunch of players with hidden id... such as Oliver Kahn, Figo, Deco, they are not in the game but actually they all are still in the database, so i created them. I even designed new kits for the team as well, i can play the team in quick play mode, but when i try to start a new career mode with the team, it crash in the same screen like u...

can u tell me how u solve the problem? and what do you means by change the country ids? please...thanks in advance...