Can I Trust You?


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Well, That is a nice way to prevent even simple people(jerks) to be fooled by scammers, talking about the western union form.

And Love the tone you are using with him Taj.


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Tajike;2336430 said:
It was made by the fine people of, a bunch of guys who actually do the same thing

Yeah...the print looked original..but the Questions!!(H)


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Haha a few gems in there. Namely

Have you ever murdered deliberately? No
If so, was it necessary? Not at all (H)

and then later on, the important scale.

Terrorism - Important, then scribbled out

and the lack of crossing out in the things you wouldn't do with the money


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Stotty;2336800 said:
Haha a few gems in there. Namely

Have you ever murdered deliberately? No
If so, was it necessary? Not at all (H)

haha with the "No, not at all" then scribbled out :D just amazing, don't know how you do it, Taj


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I decided to let 3lv1s sweat it out for a moment. Although I promised to go to WU on Monday and notify him, I decided it was more productive to study for my exams. Today I decided to drop the first bomb.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to episode 1 of:

"Where in the world is Rony Roddson...?"

Dear Mr. Rony,

How are you? I have waited to hear from you as you promised but all to no avail. Please can you let me know the situation of things?
I am waiting. Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

Mr. Elvis Mark

Dear Rony,

How are you today? I have waited to hear from you since yesterday but you have not responded as you promised. What can the problem be? I thought you accepted to assist me in this transaction? How can you just leave me on the half way? Please let me know whatever the situation is because I am very worried over your silence. I am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you and God bless.

Best regards,

Mr. Elvis Mark

May a ray of sunshine fall upon your day,

I must admit that I did not have had the time to visit the WU-agency, therefor I mailed them all the forms. They will contact me asap.

Now, there is a reason why I could not go. I've been busy tying up some loose ends in a big deal which could be very profitable for our company. It might even mean I'll be going to Africa. The Almighty Lord threw this opportunity into my lap and I'm not planning on giving up. Maybe I'll bring you a visit.

You'll hear from me shortly.

May the Almighty Lord watch over you,

Rony Roddson
Roddson's Kids-'R'-Us

From the desk of:

Ms. Emma Watson
Spokeswoman/Accountant Roddson's Kids-'R'-Us

Dear Mr. Elvis Mark,

may I request you for guidance in this situation of utter turmoil for our company?

Since yesterday we have not heard from Mr. Roddson anymore. We awaited his attendence in our weekly Monday morning meeting only to endure him not showing up. Our IT-departement, led by the truly talented Maurice Moss, found out his last mail since his disappearance was directed to you just moments ago. Could you please inform us about the ongoings of this case?

PS If he decided to get back together with that slut of a Dakota Fanning I urge you to tell me his wherabouts. He needs to realise you can't leave you pregnant fiancee for your favourite escort lady... :-(

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Emma Watson

Let the fun begin!

If somebody could be able to photoshop someone next to this man and give the African guy a banner saying: "Rony Roddson, Lagos"?


Sir Calumn

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh man this is the funniest thing ever

Why do you need this money? "To buy drugs for Mr Ruddison"

What colour is an orange? "The colour of an orange is green"




Tajike this is just comedy gold



I am in awe

Sir Calumn

Man 90% of the female scammers in the trophy room are highly bonable


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Urgent Reply Needed
Barr.Byran Coleman.
Harrycoy Chambers
82 Aberdeen Road London, England
PRIVATE ISSUE EMAIL :[email protected]

Dear Sir

I wish to introduce you to a business deal which would be beneficial to both of us and which has to be kept confidential for the purpose thereof. I am contacting you because i know that you are capable of handling the deal and I want to invest my money in your Country.

My name is Mr. Byran Coleman a Lawyer based in England. I wish to seek your consent to present you as next of kin to my late client (Kurt Kahle, 51yrs old), who died in the year 2000 in a plane crash involving Air France Concorde flight 4590 Paris' at Charles de Gaulle airport on 25 July 2000 leaving behind the sum of GBP 25,520,000.00 (Twenty Million, Five Hundred and Twenty Thousand Pounds) in a Bank in UK and no next of kin to inherit the money.

With your assistance and my professional advice we can get access to the money because I am his Attorney and all the members of the Family died in the Plane Crash. You can as well confirm this news at the BBC News website:


on Monday, 31 July, 2000, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK victims of the AF4590 crash include all 109 people on board and five who died on the ground when the plane crashed into the Hotelissimo.

We shall both share the funds. 60% for me and 35% to you, while 5% should be for Expenses or your Government may require as Tax. I look forward to your positive response at your earliest convenience now that the Bank has written me twice to present his Next of Kin and if possible send along your telephone number, your correct address and name so I will call to give you further clarification.


Barr Byran Coleman

What Goes in your Mind Comes out in Life"With GOD Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible says "I'm possible".help those who are truly seeking and need only the tools to begin their journey. Even when it seems to have finished, don't give up (IT IS WELL FOR THEM THAT BELIEVED)so there is hope.

Just got this email. And the man who has done it can't even read figures.


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hahhaha, great thread man. Love the oranges are green replay that the scammer had on their:D Also that 419 site is awsome.


wait this one is even better