buying out youngsters


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I got a few 14 year olds on my team and they are doing ok. Other teams are trying to buy them but I keep declining their offers.

The thing is that since they are 14 they can only sign a youth contract which only lasts 1 year. So wouldn't it be easy for other clubs to aproach these players and sign them without even using any trasfer money?

How do I keep these players is basically what i'm asking.


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Youth contracts will last until the player reaches the age of 17, and then 6 months. The contracts are unprotected, however, meaning that other teams can sign them without your agreement. They will have to pay a compensation fee though.
It would indeed be easier for them to just go and sign the players, and pay the fee, but somehow a lot do try to buy them the way you would buy an older player.

The only way to keep them at your club is keeping them happy. That also includes financially happy. If another team does offer one a contract, you may want to offer an improved contract to him yourself. That's the most efficient way to keep them.


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add in thier youth contract a high release clause >>>(
i tried it before , after much clubs was looking forwad my hot prospect , no one interest in them ...


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Sure they will, they can still approach them and get him for a small fee, even though he has a high min. release clause


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I tried that, clubs still wont back off. I think best option is to keep giving him a new contract every few months untill he turns 17


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hey are the rules the same in all the leagues? can let's say players in italian league sign a long term contract when they are young?


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Ya thats one thing that has always anoyyed me, espcially if i am at a small club becuase then the players always leave you but if your a big club they usually sign the new contract.

Also dont let your assistant manager renew the contracts, seems like he lets everyone good go:kader:


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You would have to guess it though. Some players ask different clubs, different wages. Nihat asked me 300 K per month to play in HSV, and then i was hired by Man Utd and he asked for 325-350 K.


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Does anyone actually know any amazing youngsters that are cheap for a coca-cola division 2 side looking to win the league on world class difficulty

Any help appreciated