**BREAKING NEWS" Mourinho Has Left Chelsea !!!


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didy;2403708 said:
I totally agree man. I hate the way this prick (Abramovich) runs the club he is like a 12 on a Fifa game, expects to buy a couple of players and win everything! I homo gets lost back to Russia. Disgusting.
roman could have done alot to keep him...
look at wenger n fergie....they've had bigger slumps over the years but not parted...........
and as if che will get a better manager than jose
i'll miss his speeches though
"i sink chelsea are gone"


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Wow. I never expect that he left Chelsea now. :O
I think it was better for him if he had left Chelsea last season not now.

I think it´s the end of Chelsea.

Well he can be back to Porto now to replace our crapy coach lol:amika:(H)


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everyone knows what are the reasons for his departure but mourinho is not the give up type
he must have been really tired of this management issues with abramovich, kenyon, etc
chelsea is completely screwed, you lost one of the best managers in the world, the one who won 6 competitions in 3 years. i don't think that there will be a manager as successful as mourinho was in chelsea for a long time

as for where he is going i don't have a clue. all major clubs have managers so maybe he'll rest for a while

Vinnie Jones

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It´s not the end of the world for Chelsea. If Roman uses his check book again and Chelsea gets a coach like Lippi they are still strong contenders in my book. The biggest question here is which players will opt to leave Chelsea in the end of the season. Then we will see the real damage made to the club by his departure. Those rumours about Barcelona are laughable, the club hates Mourinho and have an attacking mentality and gameplan that conflicts with Mourinho´s tactical guidelines.
As portuguese i can only dream of the day he will take over our national team, not in the near future although :(


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ok NOw Avram Grant is managing the side for MAN UTD, this is utter bull s**t no way should he be inn charge, its STEVE CLARKE , this is unf***in believable. Im not a fan of Grant , wats goin on is a joke, Abramovich has just made us look like fools, this Club is the definition of pathetic right now, losing one of the best managers in the world at this time of the season, Is Abramovich not smart enough to realize its soo early in the season and the Champions League group stages consists of 5 MORE GAMES.


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God that's the ****test thing Chelsea could have done. Anyway, just gotta say, from a Liverpool point of view im delighted to see Mourinho go, since there's no way you can get a better manager. What with Grant and his Israeli success (H)

However, as a football fan im gutted to see Mourinho leave. Before 2004 the only squabbling we had was between Wenger and Fergie, since then he's made the EPL into what it is now, a right laugh. Sadly missed, stupid stupid Roman.


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Sir Calumn

I'm very depressed to see the greatest manager in the world right now, possibly the greatest of all time, leave the Premiership and Chelsea Football Club. However, I am very confident that we will get an excellent replacement and I am certain that Chelsea will win the treble this year.


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WTF!? I came on here thinking this was a joke.

Well anyway intresting, let's see how Chelsea will handle this.


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The real manager at Chelski is now Roman Abramovich. Grant's only a puppet, much like how Romanov employs a new figurehead manager on a near-monthly basis at Hearts.

In other words, don't be surprised if he leaves before Christmas, citing "philosophical differences" or something similar.


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Sir Sir_Didier_Drogba;2403780 said:
However, I am very confident that we will get an excellent replacement and I am certain that Chelsea will win the treble this year.
Now that's blind optimism (no offense).