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Decided after a while to get back into this. Despite Fifa 18 being on the cusp of modding I thought I would post here as it more active. I'm *only* going to do either concepts or really weird versions of boots that the really good modders here don't do as I can't compete with those guys.

I did want to ask a few questions however.

1. If I have a football boot in real life, can I take several photos and then flatten them so they can be stitched together in photoshop? ANY TUTORIALS WOULD BE REALLY HELPFUL!

2. My choices for boots to create are as follows...

Nike Mercurial Superfly V 2018

Nike Mercurial "What the?" 2016

Nike Mercurial "What the?" 2018

Nike "Yuta Hyakusoku Beach Concept"

Any advice is really welcome...I imagine that if Fifa 18 becomes easily modifiable then I will switch to that game and create a new thread there.


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The Nike lettering was a massive ball ache but here is the 0.1 version of the 2016 Nike "What The?" Mercurial...

Also worth noting that the original image was from a Nike Mercurial that I did not make but used as a template. I also cant get Fifa 16 to work so YMMV and feel free to test it.



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As you can see, he made this texture without a sock, I do not know what he uses bump & reflex that's what happened



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Had a morning off so decided to give the Nike Mercurial Vaporfly Elite's a go. As far as I know these were never made by Nike but you can buy them online from DH Gate.



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Played around with the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX I found around here. This one I take ABSOLUTELY NO CREDIT for as all I did was change the colours for a more "Cheetah look."