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FormotioN 94;3927469 said:
Yeah, like Orzech9905 said, we need Vapor X and Ace 16.1 model, so here's the models working in FIFA 14, you don't need to convert them, just edit, like you did for 16! If you have time!!!


Vapor edited
Not test
Have no game in my office


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hei barrysun how are you???you miss to you very much....we wait for your model of boot for fifa 15 if it is possibleee....bye master


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pao4ever;3917346 said:
No man, I refered to this post of yours. I thoughy this is a magista opus model you were about to finish

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Hi mate! Hope you are ok... do you have the time to retake this boot to release it? Great unreleased boot, hope you want and have the time to do it.


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barrysun;3915553 said:

Good news
I think I kown how to change magista and superfly's model
just for test but worked
now maybe not perfect
but we can made opus and vapor just use same texture

I'm asking about this magista's model...


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Superb mate!!! Just waiting for release... and to enjoy. Are you planing to make the mercurial superfly version too? Hope you could. Really great news to see this boots close to release!!!


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Woow i love it, really good work! Please where i can find this Nike Total 90 Aerow Hi-Vis Ball?? She is so beautiful.