Billy's Fifa06 Gameplay Mod - Coming soon!


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Since the previous Fifa game, the 2005 version, I found myself not satisfied anymore with the default gameplay Electronic Arts had included in their game.

So I decided to make my own. I never thought about releasing it, just like my soundpacks, because I thought no one was going to like to play the game "my way" anyway. So my Fifa 2005 gameplay mod never made it further than my own PC.

Now, when Fifa06 released, and when I tried out the demo, I absolutely hated the gameplay, while strangely enough more people thought it was a real improvement over the Fifa2005 gameplay.

In fact they were right. But at the time I had forgot all about the default one since I was playing my own modified Fifa2005 gameplay for so long.

And imho the gameplay I realised was better, to my liking anyway.

You see, I have by no means the pretention to have invented the best gameplay mod out there, as gameplay is a very subjective thing : Some people will love my modified settings, others will hate them.

I tried out some gameplay mods out there on the download scene but I still prefered my homemade one, so slowly i decided to finetune mine and make it available for the public also. I can only hope it will have as much success as my sound packs.

Soon I will give more details here, about the features and differences vs. original gameplay. I expect to be able to release it in the Breamster download centre in no more than a week or two. I still have to finetune some things, write the readme.txt and create a page on my site for it and then it will be done, stay tuned!


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Blacklover said:
sounds excellent.

What gameplay things are you focusing on improving?

In a nutshell :

- intelligenter CPU play (lots of parameters will influence its play, like time of play, effective skills of players, scoreline and much more)

- stricter referees

- better physics (for ball and players)

- A bigger difference through difficulty levels (from amateur to legendary)

But above all a much more realistic play, get rid of the arcade ping pong feeling and try to simulate (as much as a game like fifa admits it) the feel of real soccer, much slower play, more midfield play, less acrobatics, more realism. In some levels you won't be able to win matches by just storming forward and overtaking your opponent, you'll have to use your brain and tactical skills to find the opening at the right time.

Edit : The gameplay mod in itself is ready for 90%, I still have to finish the finetuning, clean up my comments inside the ini files and config.dat, make the .rar file and help page and then upload it. Don't forget I'm also working on my next soundpack when the parameters get on my nerves too much hehe

I don't want to release it too early, and the finetuning takes a lot of time, as each time I test the modifications in the training mode and then by playing a match or observing the cpu play a simulated match :) It's time consuming, anyway it will be ready soon.


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...sounds good, i'm waiting for your gameplay! :)

I have realized that often, when a player receive the ball, the nearest opponent goes away from him for a second... and then try to reach him, but... by now it's too late! :X
Have you ever noticed this stupid movement?
Are you able to correct it? :ewan:

PS: You should correct your sig: " ...rossonero", not rossoneri! :ewan:


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avok23 said:
dude read this before u even try anything

look for my second post. use all u want

I'm almost finished, the ball physics is the most annoying thing to tweak and to check I agree, I found also a way to make scoreable free kicks but then the rest of the gameplay sucked so I looked for a compromise mode.

Gameplay mods are a very subjective thing, some people will like it, others will hate it. I made one a long time ago (for Fifa2005) and now I made one for Fifa06 that is heavily based on it. I just thought by myself, hey let's release it, someone else might like it, I don't plan on tweaking and tweaking and tweaking it even further as I think the more you change a thing the worse it might get in the end. (when you overtweak)


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Update on features

As promised, here is an update on the features :

List of most important changes :

-Game speed is lowered to simulate more real life like football play.

-Referees are more strict.

-CPU substitutions enabled.

-CPU keepers made more realistic, they will come out more on breakthroughs and are even likely to foul players on desperate situations, depending on timeframe/scoreline. However they now are not the supermen anymore that can save incredible shots, save the very best ones (heavily skill dependent), and dependent on chosen difficulty level.

-CPU makes on the fly tactical adjustments, changes formation following situation of match and timeframe of play.

-CPU play made far more realistic, depending on play time and scoreline,(For example. more desperate attack style when losing by a slight margin and the match is almost over or on the contrary temporize play when winning in the same timeframe.)

-Alternate CPU tactics enabled and finetuned (iow he will not always attack on the flanks but can come from everywhere now).

-CPU long range shots enabled. Frequency and accuracy depends on difficulty level.

-More difference between the different difficulty levels of play (see difficulty levels settings below)

-The skill (or lack thereoff) of the players in the different disciplines (pace, shooting, strength, endurance,...) are much more important now, the stars are more obvious vs. the other players.

-Slightly upped injury chance, slightly decreased injury duration.

-Fouls and challenges made more spectacular as players fall more often when challenged.

-There is now a noticeable difference between home and away matches, you will find it now more difficult to win when playing away from your turf!

-More realistic ball physics , this could eventualy be tuned even more in future versions depending on user feedback but is, in its present state, already a lot better than the default EA ones.

-Tons of other tweaks to render gameplay more interesting.

<next update soon with description of the different difficulty levels >

Mod is now 92% complete


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Ready for launch!

Mod is now ready and version 1.0 will be uploaded at Breamster tonight, it will be available as soon as it gets approved in their download centre, I'll post again when it's available.

In the meantime, as promised, here are more details on the different difficulty levels :

A. Amateur:

One thing my daughters, 8 and 10 years old liked to do, and I had a blast watching them do it, was playing with Brasil in Fifa 2005 versus my home made amateur team (half a star team), those were pretty close matches and we had tons of fun together when sometimes they even could score a goal!

So when I recieved my Fifa06 box, they were pretty anxious to relive the fun. What a bummer, the computer completely trashed them with a fourth division team against their Brasil... wtg EA.

Ok, no more, I brought back the old amateur difficulty. Iow If you can't win on this mode, I'm sorry but then you are beyond help.

B. Semi-Pro :

Put the kids into bed and put aside your pride, as this is the recommended difficulty level to start my gameplay mod in, if you want to get the hangs of it, remember you need to be able to walk prior to be able to running, if you don't want to break your face that is. This is the mode I play 50% of the time myself, when I want to play a nice match without having to be on my toes to be able to win.

You will see the CPU begin to enable his tricks and different tactics, but all in all he is still a very forgiving opponent and if you play a big team, you'll likely trash him (save if he's playing also a big team of course).

You will also notice the difference in home vs away matches and begin to experience the subtle changes to the default EA gameplay.

C. Pro :

So you are a Pro? Cool, so is the CPU. He will try to get you and give you a hard time. Be on your toes, recreation is over.

In this mode you will learn to fear away matches and curse the calendar in career mode when your team visits a high ranked club. This mode I play 40% of my time in, and I like it a lot, save when I play a normal skilled team in an away match against a big team and get my ass handed to me, enough said, have fun!

D. World Class :

You are a skilled player, you are an ace of the joypad! This mode is for you, you will need to be very good to win here and even lower teams will prove formidable opponents when facing you on their home turf.

But you can make it, because you're worth it!(tm)

I play my remaining 10% in this mode, when I feel like getting spanked...

E. Legendary :

Hell on earth. Don't do it, please.

Cya soon.


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Nope still waiting, I think Shifty is on a romantic weekend maybe ? lol

I know he often check the new entries in the upload page on Sundays so I keep my fingers crossed :)


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Billy1969 said:
Nope still waiting, I think Shifty is on a romantic weekend maybe ? lol

I know he often check the new entries in the upload page on Sundays so I keep my fingers crossed :)
does the romance never end? :p


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There seem to have been a problem uploading the file at Breamster as I received the standard "file declined" e-mail this morning, I have now re-uploaded it. The good news is that it is now even better as I made it compatible with Ockham's CEP patch 0.10 and imported more slight misc modifications.

- career now takes up to 25 years, to reflect the RL career duration of a coach.
- slightly upped job security when starting in a new team.
- slightly upped budget.

I hope to be able to post the link, at last, soon, LOL!
Sorry for the long wait, but it will be worth it :)


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I could have hosted it since day 1 on my site also but I am part of the Breamster team so the file goes there first.

I'm also interested to see how many times it gets downloaded as that gets recorded in their download centre. Obviously, Shifty is on holiday or has the flu or something as the site front page hasn't been updated since January 2nd (the day my Sampdoria chant pack got released)

Anyway, I'm not in a hurry or something, eventualy it'll get released, it's not like I release an antidote for aids or something, a few days more are not important.


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Ahh now I'm mad. Read this whole thread getting more excited by the second. Then I see yopu say it's finished and ready for upload. I turn the page expecting a link and..!!!



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gamerguy350 said:
Ahh now I'm mad. Read this whole thread getting more excited by the second. Then I see yopu say it's finished and ready for upload. I turn the page expecting a link and..!!!


Think of it like a woman you date :) You have to be patient and date a few times before she reveals her "link", LOL no seriously this is no fun but not dependend on me, else it would have been downloadable a long time ago!