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Later today, you will be able to download my ninth sound pack dedicated to Liverpool FC by clicking the logo below :

Strangly, it costed me even more research work than the Real Madrid one, as there are many many sites dedicated to the Reds on the net, but very very few have other sounds available than yet another version of the "You'll never walk alone" anthem.

Nevertheless, I managed to still make a pack, but I'm a bit dissapointed as I thought LFC had more potential and material available to make a bigger and even better sound pack from.

If you're a LFC fan and you have other chant recordings (even raw recorded material I can edit) available, please send them to my e-mail adress included in the sound pack readme.txt, I'll eventualy make a larger version 1.1 of this pack if I get enough material and your name will appear in my credits.

Thanks and enjoy the LFC sound pack 1.0:)


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For the people requesting the chants in mp3, if you read the posts in the entire thread you will read why I post them in .asf format that is not possible to revert back to another format, even with ditty importer and other tools.

On a sidenote, all "source" files were not in mp3 format to start with, I had to reconvert and edit .ra .ram .wav and more exotic audio formats to .asf (EA format) before they were useable in many of my sound packs.


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Hello again people!

My tenth sound pack is done and will be available for download shortly by clicking on the logo below and picking it from my sound pack list :

As promised and requested, it is dedicated to the Gunners from Arsenal FC, enjoy!

I really recommend using this sound pack and playing vs one of the other teams I made sound packs for, the London derby for example is great, try it out and tell me if you like it (or not for that matter)

My next sound pack will be ready in a few days :) cya soonish!


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I started my sound pack collection by making one dedicated to Genoa FC and now, 10 packs later I thought it was time to release one dedicated to their Serie A city rivals, Sampdoria!

It is also my largest pack yet (besides AC Milan) and combined with my other packs you can relive the atmosphere of already a bunch of great games! A massive 26 chants are included in this pack, enjoy!

It should be added along with my Arsenal pack to the download centre very soon (files are waiting approval)

EDIT : files available now, enjoy!


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Rapid Wien :)

Guess what? I finished another soundpack :)

It will be available later today or tomorrow by clicking on the logo below and picking it in the list, if it's not there yet feel free, while you patient, to try my other packs :hump:

For my 12th sound pack we stop in yet another country! This time we are in Vienna, the capital of Austria, to listen to the fans of Rapid Wien SK !

No less than 3 different intro recordings and 19 fan chants are included in this pack for your Fifa playing pleasure, enjoy!


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My 13th sound pack takes us to France and is dedicated to the team of the capital, and also my favourite French team, Paris Saint-Germain, or PSG if you prefer.

Included in this pack is an intro recording and no less than 26 real fan chants!

It will be available soon by clicking on the logo below :

Also I'd like to thank everybody who sent me e-mail filled with requests and feedback!

I especialy received a lot of requests to realise, amongst other requests, a Manchester United sound pack and new Polish team sound packs. The Man Utd pack was already in my planning and I should make that one somewhere in the next two weeks maximum, so bare with me it's on the way.

As for the Polish teams I definitely would like to make others like Legia Warsawa and other teams since my Wisla Krakow pack is until now my most downloaded one, but I will need some help!

Unfortunately I don't understand a word of Polish and the Polish internet is like a labyrinth for me, I have lots of trouble to find the stuff I need to make my Polish packs :) I would be very grateful if the Polish football fans who use my packs would send me some links or sound files to work with.

Also, I am planning to release sound packs for the "lesser gods", with this I mean I'd like to release sound packs for teams from second, third or even fourth division! An Italian football fan for example send me a bunch of files from his local team FC Prato, who plays in Serie C2 atm, and it is excellent material!

Of course I realise that it will not be as popular as releasing, for example, a FC Barcelona pack, but I have a tremendous respect for the lower division football fans who follow their teams every week, no matter the weather or the distance they have to travel, no matter the position of their team in the rankings, imho they embody the true fan spirit, and I like that a lot. They deserve their sound packs also!

So as you can see, I have absolutely no preference, and if you would like me to make sound packs for your favorite teams, around the world, keep sending me links, files, requests, ect ect

P.S. : If you send me stuff don't forget to add your name, the teams name and other info you feel important so I can give you proper credit in the readme files of my packages, thank you!

Stay tuned for other noise, er I mean sound packs, coming soon :)


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Bayern Munich pack

My 14th sound pack takes us to Germany and is dedicated to the red and white team of Munich, FC Bayern München.
This is without a doubt my biggest sound pack yet, as included are a massive 46 chants and 1 intro recording!
As usual, the included files are compatible with both Fifa2005 and 06 (read the included installation instructions carefully), enjoy!

It will be available very soon by clicking the logo below :

Remark: This sound pack does not contain the official FC Bayern hymn “Stern des Südens” as use of this song is forbidden explicitly by Bayern München, and I respected that request.


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Udinese Calcio pack

My Bayern pack is still waiting approval, which is of course normal since everyone is busy trying out Fifa06, but with a bit of luck, you'll be able to download my 15th pack at the same time since it's finished and I submitted it for approval too :)

I don't have Fifa06 just yet so I couldn't test if my chant files work in the full version also, but normaly they should, can someone confirm this?

Anyway, importing should be a lot easier once a chant importer or a creation centre get released, so I cross my fingers for an early release of either one of those.

So back to the sound packs and here we go :

We’re back in Italy for my 15th sound pack and this time we listen to the fans of Udinese Calcio!
I really recommend this sound pack as their chants are really great and amongst the best in Serie A.

Included are 15 chants and installation instructions for Fifa2005 and Andy359’s tutorial for import in Fifa06, enjoy.

Click on the logo above to download it soon, while you wait please feel free to rate, try or comment my other sound packs that also can be found there :)


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I think the webmasters are stuck with a bucket of glue on their Fifa06 because here I am queueing up yet another sound pack and my Bayern and Udinese ones are still waiting approval lol :) Anyway they should appear in the download centre really soon now I think.

Okay, so my 16th sound pack takes us again to a new country as it is dedicated to FC Porto from Portugal! It contains 17 real fan chants to lighten up your Fifa atmosphere.

My very special thanks go to Bruno Paz, without his help and sound material this sound pack wouldn't be nearly as good, thanks a lot mate!

As always, this pack is compatible with Fifa2005 and 06, read the included instructions, enjoy! Click on the logo below to go to the download page.

Ok, now what's planned next :

- Manchester United pack (done about 50% atm)
- Prato Calcio pack (when it's done, I'll try to squeeze it in, but I'd like to wait until there is a CC or other editor released for Fifa06 since this team doesn't exist in the Fifa database and need to be created, we'll see.)

- some other teams from countries I haven't done yet which I am collecting material for, remember I need material, so if you want your favorite team to have a sound pack send me files, links, material whatever and I'll make it, American Continent or other continents material (not just Europe) is welcome also!!

- Last but not least, I am working on a big surprise pack (will release it when it's done) but I think it will be very popular!

So as you can see I will be busy for some time to come! Stay tuned :)


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Hey people,

No new chant pack yet (next one will be ready soon) but I received some disturbing e-mail from a guy named "Spielmacher" who accuses me of stealing and publishing copyrighted stuff. Since I have nothing to hide I am going to publish his e-mail and my response (both in italics) to it here :

----- Original Message -----
From: "spielmacher" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 10:11 AM

> mhhh why have ysou stolen my rapid chants ? i have the copyright of this
> sounds
> delete this file or we are going to COURT !!!!!
> this file was released only for GFO !!

My response :

Lol, first of all calm down, I didn't steal anything, those Rapid Wien
chants are freely downloadable on the net on diverse fan sites and secondly
I don't make money by makeing these sound packs for fifa as you can read in the readme.txt of my packages so good luck going to court.

Oh, and thirdly, fan chants on a football match are never copyrighted,
every peep can go record the chants on a match, edit them at home and
publish them on the net, unless the ultras sing the latest Madonna hit
record, which I seriously doubt they do...

Oh, and btw I'm going to publish your mail in my threads, just to show you
how affraid I am of your threats.

Have a Nice day,

Stephan De Mol <---- that's my real name in case you're going to court!
aka Billy1969

Remark : GFO was a (very good) German fifa fansite, it has been down for months now and they never released a Rapid Wien sound pack, if you wonder what he meant in his mail, and if needed I can provide the url's of the pages where I got the chants from, in fact read the credits in my readme.txt, I always mention my sources.

Okay, so fortunately the most e-mails I get are from people thanking me and giving me motivation and encouraging me to continue making my sound packs, and I do make them to make everyone's game more enjoyable, not to make money!

I don't make a dime from them and I am not affraid of those stupid threats, but if I get more e-mails like the above one I don't know if I will continue, because it is not worth the trouble and I don't want to get into arguements over something I do as a hobby to begin with, not as a job.


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As I expected, instead of being able to work on my next sound packs I got follow up mails from my good friend, since I published the first ones in this thread I am not going to hold back the next ones in a series :

----- Original Message -----
From: "soccergrafix" <[email protected]>
To: "Stephan De Mol" <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 12:24 PM
Subject: Re: OMGZ! one!!

> youre wrong , 11 of these songs are protected , cause they were stolen
> from the original rapid cd : youll never walk alone...
> copyright sk rapid ...
> in the afternoon i will talk with my lawyer ... seems not good for you ^^
> this will be expensive...
> greets robert janecek
> direct marketing , sk rapid wien

My response again :

Ok, you want to play the copyright game? Then you should tell your lawyer
to close down all the websites I mention in the readme.txt of my sound pack
because I am not aware of a Rapid Wien CD, hell it should not be even
available in my country so far I know, I got all my files from those sites
as free downloads available to everyone, and I can provide the correct URL's
if needed.

You should attack them instead of me, I'm just makeing a free add-on for a
computer game not makeing a dime from it but instead getting into trouble
with disturbing people like you.

I also doubt you are someone from Rapid Wien SK club as they would have
contacted me in a more fashioned manner, but if you are, you should be
thankful instead of getting on my back for giving your club free publicity!

Maybe I should send a mail or heck even phone to Rapid Wien to check if your
name is on their payroll...

Btw, if I get a proper request from SK Rapid Wien football club itself, I
will ask the webmasters of Soccergaming and Breamster to remove my files,
but I really doubt they'll be that stupid, and if they are they're probably
the most moronic club in the world, but that's just my personal opinion...


Stephan De Mol aka Billy1969.

I really felt bad at this point, I was like omg I'm doing my best to make sound packs even for not so well known teams and that is what I get as a thank you, and then came the next mail, have a look :

----- Original Message -----
From: "soccergrafix" <[email protected]>
To: "Stephan De Mol" <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: OMGZ! one!!

> hi , once more
> sk rapid wien will not make problems if you ask before ...
> if you can show me the links of this pages we will be very happy about
> that
> the problem is, GFO has the rights to present MY chants , i was working
> with three other people to record the voices for the markting disc wich
> has cost about 2500 euro ....
> this is free advertising for the club , yes .. but we have another
> soundpatch with rights on GFO
> ther site is under construction once more cause of hackers , but in two
> weeks you will see the coorperation
> it is not funny to see someone showing MY work in net, advertising for the
> club doesn´t matter
> for example , there are some fanchants on also not allowed
> tho present , youre not the only one ...
> the peaople should buy the disc , and not downloading for free
> i hope you understand ..
> robert janecek

And I responded again :


I'm happy we can talk about this in a more civilised manner and I understand
what you just wrote about someone (me in this case) publishing a sound patch
for Rapid if you were about to do that also. I apoligise if my previous
mails hurt your feelings but I felt beeing attacked for no reason and as I
result I was maybe to harsh in my responses too.

But believe me when I say that everything in my sound pack can be found
freely on the web, you can easily find all URL's yourself if you use google
or another search motor and type "+Rapid Wien +chants +fangesänge +sounds
mp3 wav wma ra"
I don't want to give the exact url's myself as I'm not the "informer" type
of guy but if you do the above you will easily find them.

Several (fan)sites will show up where you can download the material (a lot
more than what's included in my pack even) and I do make sure I don't
include copyrighted material, as an example I didn't include the official
Bayern München anthem (Stern des Südens) in my Bayern pack because that team
explicitly forbids it on their website.

I understand you're mad because I made a sound pack for Rapid just before
you were about to release yours, but I don't see that as a problem really
and I hope you understand that I couldn't have been aware of that fact, just
release yours also and the people can freely choose which one they'll use.

And since you spend so much money on yours, it should be a lot better than
mine, all I did was take the raw sounds, edit the volume and characteristics
and convert them to EA's .asf format but I can assure you my pack is my work
not someone's elses.

Honestly, I understand your arguments and I respect your work but I don't
see a reason to ask the different webmasters to remove my file from their
servers, I don't see it posing a threat to your sound pack, I think most
people even already forget about my RW pack as it is one of my least popular
ones (looking at the number of downloads) and I already made 15 other ones
that include sounds from other clubs and my 17th will be ready soon.

I wish you good luck on your present and future creations and since you work
with GFO (a real good site that I like much for their Bundesliga kits and
stuff) it should be a great success and I'm looking forward to your work.

No hard feelings I hope,

Stephan aka Billy1969.

Ok, that's it for now and I sincirely hope that will be the end of it as I would be really pissed if I have to remove my sound pack or be affraid of what's going to come in my mailbox next.

Now I'm off finishing my next pack, stay tuned.


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Manchester United pack

Man, I really hope Sir Alex Ferguson doesn't read these boards because :

You’ve wanted it, now you’ve got it ! I am proud to present you my 17th sound pack and this one is dedicated to the team you requested me most by e-mail: Manchester United FC

Included are 20 chants + 3 different intro recordings and installation instructions for Fifa2005 and Andy359’s tutorial for import in Fifa06, I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have enjoyed making it!

Available for download very soon at the usual spots by clicking on the logo above!


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Hup! Holland Hup! :P

Well, seems my Man Utd sound pack is a hit viewing the number of downloads in one day, so I thought to myself let's make another one asap :)

My 18th sound pack takes us to The Netherlands for the first time as it is dedicated to the red and white team from the capital: Ajax Amsterdam!

Included are 18 chants and one intro recording to bring to life the Amsterdam Arena stadium!

As always, import instructions for Fifa2005 and Andy359’s tutorial for Fifa06 chants are included in this package, have fun!

Please also read carefully the included instructions.rtf and / or readme.txt file(s), in which you can find solutions to most common problems and installation instructions.

If additional support is needed please send mail to the links provided in the instructions files or drop a line in my threads at or thanks!

This pack will be available for download very soon by clicking on the team's logo above.


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If you have trouble with sound packs in full version

Hey everyone,

No, I wasn't gone on a holiday or something, I'm working on three new sound packs atm and I expect to release them all as next week arrives.

Also I have good news and bad news!

The good news is that my Ajax sound pack is finaly available for download on both Breamster and Soccergaming. There were problems with Filefront earlier this week and they are solved now, so enjoy my first dutch sound pack.

The bad news is that EA changed the chants file structure yet again for the full game of Fifa06, that I finaly found in my mail yesterday, this implies my chants will only work if you follow exactly what is depicted in Andy's tutorial but according to some users, by doing so you will not be able to enjoy the game's default sounds for the time being.

Andy359, myself and other sound patchers are busy looking into the problem and trying to find a workaround or a way to fix this asap, hopefuly I'll have good news soon. Note that there is no problem whatsoever in Fifa2005 and Fifa06 demo, those still work flawlessly.

When Andy updates his tutorial for the full game I will ask him if I can include it in my new packs and I will update my instructions and readme files according to the latest procedures.

Of course I hope Soccer Access will release a decent chant importer like they did last year and then all the problems will be solved and you will be able to enjoy all the packs in full glory in combination with the default sounds.

Stay tuned!


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Well we didn't come up with a waterproof fix for Fifa06 full game yet, we're no programmers but only sound makers, we'll keep looking but a sound importer program would be welcome, please spam Socceraccess and Ariel Santarelli to create one, that's what we really need :)

In the meantime I made my 19th sound pack :

This pack takes us to beautiful city of Florence in Northern Italy as it is dedicated to the Viola team from Firenze : Fiorentina !

Included are 20 chants and two intro recordings for your Fifa pleasure.

As always, import instructions for Fifa2005 and Andy359’s tutorial for Fifa06 chants are included in this package, have fun!

Please also read carefully the included instructions.rtf and / or readme.txt file(s), in which you can find solutions to most common problems and installation instructions.

You can download it soon at the usual spots by clicking the logo above.

Okay so what's next?

Well next will be my 20th pack and to celebrate that, I plan to release the surprise pack I wrote you about before :) I still have some work to do as I am about 50% done but I hope to finish it before the weekend still!


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Fifa06 full version troubles and Sound Pack # 20


After 12 days of struggling with the new file system of the chants in Fifa06 full version, without satisfactory success, I decided to resume working on my sound packs and hope a proper chant importer will be made soon because I'm fed up with the chant system in Fifa06.

During those 12 days I have tested every possible way to make my new custom chants cohabit with the existing generic chants inside Fifa06 but nothing worked, the only way to import my and other sound makers chants and enjoy them in the new Fifa is (for the time being) to delete everything in your chants.big file and get rid of the default Fifa chants (method described in Andy's tutorial), you can read more about it in this thread :

Not everything was negative during these 12 days though as I made contact with other sound patchers, like for example Sander from Fifa International, and there has already been mention of future co-operation for big sound patches in the future (Once the damn importer or raptor is available) in our mail correspondence with each other.

Okay, now on to the big surprise pack I made for you to celebrate my 20th release :)

When I play Fifa 2005 with national sides, there is one thing that kept annoying me was that during the intro you saw both teams standing next to each other but absolutely no sound was heard and during the matches there was no great atmosphere.

No more!

Now that the national sides will play a more important again, since the World Cup is coming next year, I decided to make you a Mega National Teams pack #1 and since this is for a game, I included non qualified teams also!

It is now up to you to qualify them anyway and change history and now you will have fan chants support to help you!

In this pack are included chants and anthems for the National Teams from:

- Argentina
- Belgium
- Chile
- England
- Russia

Please also read carefully the included instructions.rtf and / or readme.txt file(s), in which you can find solutions to most common problems and installation instructions.

If your national team isn't included yet, don't despair, depending on the success of this pack I plan to release more single or mega packs dedicated to National Teams in the future.

Click on the World Cup to download this sound pack soon at the usual spots!

Stay tuned for more coming!


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Back with more stuff


After being abducted by aliens for 4 weeks I am back. The aliens forced me to beta test and try to solve the bugs of windows 2010 (codename Billynator) and I could barely escape alive, but I made it.

Hmm, no, no one is believing that one. Ok, in fact I beta-tested Rinaldo's Sound Master 06 and I reworked 7 of my existing sound packs to the new Fifa06 standard :

Featuring :

# Designed for Fifa06 but compatible with Fifa2005!
# Dozens of real fan chants included, ready to import in a few clicks! (*)
# The real intro music for clubs home matches included!
# Works in conjunction with the original Fifa06 sound files!
# Event specific and player specific chants make every match different!
# Live your matches in a way you've never done before!

(*) For the easy import inside Fifa06, you will need Rinaldo's Sound Master 06

7 packs are already available at Breamster (and soon here at SG if Andrew checks his mail box) :

FC Bayern Munchen
FC Köln
Paris Saint- Germain
Ajax Amsterdam
AC Milan
Juventus Turin
Inter Milan

here :

Next pack to be reworked and available soon : Arsenal, stay tuned!

Included in every pack is a whole new tutorial and specific installation instructions in html you can open in your favorite internet browser for easy installation and reference!

Here is the online version of my tutorial :

I'm also working on a proper homepage with links to all my old and new sound packs, so much to do, so little time :)
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