Best Of Facespatch vol.3


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Yes, if you don´t exceed the 441kb fifa.fat size.
But i recommend to install the faces manually with filemaster instead of using the installer.:)


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Thanks bruno. But how do i know which files belong to which zdata? It will take a long time if I have to search 1 by 1.


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You can use creationmaster to import the files too, its another 100% safe way, but now that I know how to get the typename, I'll make an update which will work.


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Rohanso, first I have to apoligize because I was really harsh yesterday, I guess sometimes I have anger management problems, so my sincere excuses to you and everyone I might have offended.

Second, this is a great patch, no doubt about it.

Third, there is one more thing that you might want to correct for a possible next version :

One or more of the facemakers in the patch made faces for players not included in the default fifa database, it concerns the faces in the 54000 id range, they assigned numbers to them using a custom database, but as you might guess these wouldn't appear in any other database (with those exact numbers) so a very nice thing would be to include in the readme.txt a list of all faces id's that points to the player names they are relevant to. This way people using the patch could rename the id's to the correct ones for the players they created.

Installing the faces in the 54000 id range won't have them appearing ingame and they eat up space in the zdata for nothing if they don't create the players.


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I would, if I just have a list. I lost the view about those number of faces. Today I corrected 61 faces. Their authors sent me broken o-files which are working in some FIFAversions. They will be in update, too.

I think to have most of this faces working, roster is needed - but this roster is actual to the 19.5.07 so its lil bit old.


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Thanks to all for release those files in the last trace for Fifa07 befor Fifa08 arrives.

Thanks to all facemakers for the great effort in this patch.

Regards! :fluffy::mrpimp::fluffy:


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Does anyone have the list of all the players made in this patch??Otherwise its difficult to check out all the faces..


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This pack is fantastic thx for this faboulous work

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I spent quite a bit of yesterday evening going through the BPL teams to see who has new faces, and making minifaces for them with o-edit. There are some simply amazing faces there, and I was particularly pleased to see new faces for Jussi Jaaskelainen and Ivan Campo. I might start looking through La Liga later today, but if someone should go through the Bundesliga for example, and do as I have done and post the minifaces here, and I post the BPL minis and so on, in a short time, we'd be able to update the game with a whole bunch of minifaces! (Not neccessarily all 627, since some faces have been remade.) What do you guys think of that?