Benya's Fixed Faces (Shiny Hair Issue)


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@Benya100 Really appreciate the fixes.
Can you please fix the shiny hair for the following players:
Ronaldinho (x3), Ferdinand (x2), Crespo, Lampard, Gerrard (x3), Rivaldo, R. Keane, Maradona, Pele from this pack:
Ok bro, I will add them in the coming packs.
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In general, I hope it helps, these are the players who are most likely to have shiny hair (since they were converted from fifa 20 switch and not ps3 version):



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Hi people... at last I finished the semester in the university.
I will upload new packs during the rest of the month :)

Fixed Hair Pack 33

Aleksandar Kolarov
Davide Santon
Edin Dzeko
Justin Kluivert
Kostas Manolas
Lorenzo Pellegrini
Patrik Schick

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what is the link of dzeko's face