Beck's Converted Faces


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Boleiro;3897930 said:
are you working on this Dybala to almost a year kkkkkkkkk

Can you tell me what you want? I worked only two versions of a Dybala wichanwoo with a type of hair , and I will make the second release and that of this krisaju95 with other hair . They are completely different .
You're stupid .


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Boleiro;3898341 said:
you're smart to know to create faces but at the same time fool for creating those already created.

it seems that you are passionate about per Dybala.

Another stupid comment by Boleiro...bro maybe you can stop or restrain yourself in commenting in this forum...because you doesn't give any help for all user here especially the facemakers...and if you want to have different face to use why not try to create and convert by yourself


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Credits to:
Fluffernutter (Vydra and Holebas)

To those who say that I only convert Dybala.


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Boleiro;3899331 said:
excellent work!!!

face still never created!!

great potential in the Fifa,more faces as well.

My intention is to create non-existent faces of players who are considered without looking at the potential , certainly I not bother to create faces of players already done well .