BAND name game


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this is like the well-known football team name game. you will write a band (or singer, group, double, trio, artist, etc.) name starting with the last letter of the last band name posted.

rules: :rolleyes:

  • repeating is allowed, but of course the cool thing is always try to find a "new" name...;
  • the "the" can't be counted. for an example you must write "the who" for the letter "W", not for the letter "T". write "the beatles" for "B", and so on.

    so it would be nice if you don't post the "the" translated for the other languages also (e.g. you should use "las ketchup" for the letter "K", not for the letter "L");
  • if someone posts something like L7 or U2 i think we must consider the last letter of the number (seven, two). for names such as 10,000 Maniacs, consider the first letter of the number (ten);
  • you can reply only if two people posted in this thread since your last post.

i start with

bob dylan

edit: rules (number)


Starting XI
Still listening to em man?! Awesome, I thought you'd maybe not really get into it, but that's sweet as! Anyway, my band:

Yngwie Malmsteen. :rockman: