Ball Importer 2005 ?


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I have tried this and it does not work. I click on it and nothing happens. Why?

Arghhh, help please.

Also game is choppy now during play.


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No I was into my 8th season and this is all I did. I double click on the exe and nothing happens. is it suppose to launch an install?? windows xp pro sp2..



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Anyone know how to import the Addidas F-50 balls into Champions League game?? I'm having problems importing them, I've got the fsh, and o files and all that and import em with biggui, compress and then run that cl fatbuilder program yet they dont appear in the game all i get every game is the red champs league ball no matter what. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hrvoje Bajlo

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use Photoshop CS or 6.0 or 7.0 ... and search for template bmp or png here @ the froums, i am sure you'll find tons on new stuff