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Back in Time [FIFA 11 to FIFA 09]




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Hello how are you? Does anyone have an idea why my players have black ears? what is the solution thanks


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@jrrp95 Thank you for this Converted "Back in Time [FIFA 11 to FIFA 09]" please can you make the same Converted for FIFA 12?
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@Skoczek could you help me importing fifa 09 music and intro video to fifa 11. I've seen you've had success doing it on for other mods.
Success with one mod. 2010 WC is pretty much the same engine as PC FIFA 11.
Soundtrack is busted wide open, so making it will be easy. I don't know what is the format of FIFA 09 videos


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also i like ur patches alot , because they bring back the old games ,
please see what i need and try to understand me>

I want the old squads from fifa 08 and fifa 07 etc.. but without the game kits and "players movement styles" did u get what i mean ? the kits graphic feels outdates , and the players movements feels outdated ,

So i just want the squads only except for players that don't exist in fifa 11 i want there faces and styles ,

I noticed that game after this ptachs also has different movement style from fifa 11 is it the console movement ? i want the original fifa 11 pc movement. ..

hope u understand what i meant. ..thanks for ur patchs.